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The video game industry has come a long way and still, there is a long way to go forward. Now, it is a multi-billionaire industry and has an incredible world of its own. The flourishing of the gaming world has brought in a lot of opportunities for all the passionate video game players.

Video Games

The old mainstay assures that the video gamers are just grownups who refuse to grow up and are stuck in their imaginary world. But to all those people who do not believe in the love for gaming of the gaming fanatics will be left obliterated to know the fact that gamers have a bright future and its own budding industry across the world.

Their skills and love for gaming can take them to unscalable heights. Now the children grown up playing games can prove their nagging parents wrong across the world. If you are a gaming enthusiast too then you can dedicate your life to video games. Here are a few professions that you need will be right for all the game fanatics who want to become a part of the incredible video gaming world.

Video Game Artist

For a moment let us take you back to those days when you had your bag and room full of books in which you drew characters imagined by you. Sketching at the back of your books in between the free periods, coloring them all in vivid hues. If you were one child considered crazy for being lost in its own world of heroes, villains, superheroes then there are a lot of jobs in the world waiting for a crazy talent like you.

Video game industry needs talented artists to create, draw and animate characters from the scratch with their imagination working at their backend.

Audio Programmer

Unlike the good old days these days the games do not have one plain tone rather nowadays fully orchestrated soundtracks to give the real-life look and feel. They strive to create the perfect ambiance and deliver a great gaming experience to the players.


The instruction manual and the in-game menus are prepared by the writer. Games are nothing without a story and if you have a flair for writing stories then this job is for you. All the documentation that comes with the games is prepared by a writer.

Game Programmer

Have a knack for coding? Then this profession will perfectly suit your taste. As a game programmer, you will have to create engines that will enhance the gameplay with a variety of facets. Where the task of the artist is to create the animations and the characters your duty here will be to ensure that all the characters are controllable and playable.

Game Designer

Here you work as the leader whose work is to arrange a team that works together handling the different responsibilities. You must supervise others who have the capability to handle all the specialty work. Making a game into reality is will be your job.

Game Producer

In this job your task will do the office desk relates tasks like managing the project and creating a budget for it. If you become a producer that means you have already put your love for video games in the spotlight. As a producer, you will have to promote your game and bring it to the top with the promotions. This will cost you a lot but once it is done and when the game becomes a success it will change your life.

Game Tester

Your life long dream which nobody thought could ever be fulfilled will become true if you come into this profession. You will have to play all sorts of games and in order to find any kind of glitch in the game. Taking note of any kind of shortcoming in the game will be your job.

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Rohit Bimbrahw is a project manager at MostFunGames. His passion is to test and play all kinds of video games and so he does it every day. You can too try some of his favorite games like; Notdoppler, raft wars, territory war, super Mario flash, skull kid, dad n me. So, hurry up and play your favorite game online for free of cost.

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  • Rohit this niche keeps exploding. Then you have guys making millions as YouTube gamers. Big opportunities in this niche.


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