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PayPal is one of the best and convenient ways to pay online. It is also the favorite payment option for freelancers and businesses across the globe. PayPal currently runs in 190+ countries. It is also widely accepted payment options in various online sites.

However, In many cases, some of you are not able to use the PayPal. Don’t worry, In this post, I am going to tell you about some of the best PayPal alternatives that help you to grow your business online. Let’s check them out.

1. Skrill

Skrill is one of the best and free online payment processor and a big competitor of PayPal. It is a UK based company that empower online businesses to receive payments across the globe. They are currently offering two type of accounts, Personal and Business account.

If you compare it with PayPal then the fees are almost the same. You can uploads fund using Wire transfers or from your Credit Cards. However, The withdrawal charges for the international wire are very high. Skrill also charges 1.45% when you send the money to another Skrill user. Receiving money on your account is completely free.

If you or your business belongs to EU countries then going with Skrill is a good option. Though I think that the fees are a little bit high.

2. Payoneer

Payoneer has really revolutionized the online Payment world by giving reliable payment solutions to their users. It is now the #1 choice for the users who are looking for a best and reliable PayPal alternatives. If you are an affiliate marketing business then Payoneer helps you to receive payment directly to your bank account.

Payoneer works in three simple steps. First, you have signup for an account and wait for your account approval. After account activation, you can generate virtual bank account details to receive payments in different currencies. Use these details to accept payments online from different partner sites. I money you receive will soon available for withdrawal to your local bank account.

3. Due

Due is also one of the best online payment processors and it is free to signup for an account. Due helps you accept credit and debit cards payments using PCI technology directly from your web store. You can also generate custom invoices to receive payments from your clients.

The fee for receiving and withdrawing money is very low. Due, you can accept payments internationally and withdraw funds to your bank account. If you are USA based business then it is very useful to try out them. However, If you are from outside the USA then you can withdraw money using Stripe.

4. Stripe

Stripe is another good PayPal alternative. You can easily send, receive and withdraw your money using Stripe with very transaction fees. However, It is also limited to some countries. So, make sure that you check your country on their list.

Stripe also have a subsidiary product called Stripe atlas that helps people to register their business in the USA and open an account in the USA under the company name. Stripe atlas is very popular among the small businesses that want to register their company in the USA.

5. Instamojo

If you are from India like me then Instamojo is a great choice for you and also one of the best PayPal alternatives in India. You can create your account in less than a minute and start accepting Payments. In the initial time, you can accept payment up to Rs10,000 per transaction. If you want to remove this limit then you have to go for the KYC and documentation. After completing your KYC your limits will be removed.

You can also create your custom payment page with the product description. They will generate a link for that page and you are ready for accepting payments. Instamojo also supports intangible products that means you can now sell the ebooks and other downloadable products with them.

6. PayUmoney

PayUmoney is another great and free payment processor in India. It is a subsidiary company of PayUbiz. PayUmoney works similarly as a Paypal but it is limited to Indian users. You can accept payments directly from your website using Payment buttons and custom links.

Signup is very easy and can be done in a few seconds. They will require necessary documents like PAN and company documents if you sign up under the company name. They will deposit a small amount of money into your bank account for verification purpose. After the verification is done, You are ready to accept payments. It also supports Credit and Debit cards payments and also Net banking payments.


PayPal is no doubt #1 payment options for users because of its availability and reliability. However, If you still looking for some best Paypal alternatives then you should go any of the above. I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Like the Post? Share it on your social networks.

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  • As you said no one is competing closer to Paypal, I have a question Xoom and Skrill are totally new for Me. They are safe ?


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