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What is a landing page and how to have a landing page that sells?

Having an optimized website for good navigation is essential, but build landing pages that generate conversions, too. In the next post you will learn about what a landing page is, what it is for and what information it should always be.

Landing Page

Remember that it is part of the purchase and experience path that a user makes. Make life easy for him and give him what he is looking for!

It is also known as a landing page and is accessed through an advertisement or call to action (a button that invites you to click) with a clear objective about what you want the person to do, for example fill out a form with your data.

What is a landing page?

Landing or landing pages are pages of a website that are created with the aim of converting visitors into leads or sales opportunities. In addition, they serve to collect useful information from different people.

Thus, as a brand, you can build a relationship with potential customers and understand what they need from you. Through a contact form you can request all the data you want. But beware, remember the time and information of a person are worth. You can not ask for a lot of data with infinite fields, because it is most likely that you decide to leave the landing page.

What if I decide not to add a form?

If a landing page does not have a form where data is requested, the conversion process will fail. That person who arrived there will never finish fulfilling the conversion process, precisely because he has no form to fill out or action to be taken.

Landing pages and the methodology of Inbound Marketing

The landing pages are part of the core of the conversion stage of the Inbound methodology. If you have several landings of this type, the chances of getting more potential customers will increase considerably. But, of course, each one has to have its objective and deliver content or quality information for the user, nobody will give their data for nothing.

8 tips to design a landing page – Best practices

Now that you know what a landing page is and what it is for, it is time to define the different characteristics that it should have.

According to a Hubspot study, “In terms of the conversion rate, a good target would be 20%. That means that 20% of all people who arrive at the destination page will sooner or later fill out the corresponding form. ”

It is important to keep in mind that this type of pages can be part of different stages of the consumer purchase process.

The digital marketing specialist of Maryland computer service providers analysis that these 8 tips should be followed to design a landing page that can generate more leads:

1 – Clear title and focus on the action

It seems like a basic suggestion, but it is not. To get a landing page that gets conversions you have to communicate in the title how you will help / solve the user’s problem.

In addition, of a title that sells, you must inform the person what the offer is; Is it an ebook, a template?

2 – Explain the value and importance of the offer

The landing must have an extract, even if it is brief about what the offer is about (a product, service, ebook, etc.) and how it will benefit from it.

The most important thing here is to try to keep the most important information at the top, since that is what is read first. It is also recommended to use numbers, bullets and bold letters to highlight highlighted phrases.

3 – Delete navigation menus

When it was explained what a landing page is, it was explained that its main objective is to generate sales opportunities and to achieve it, the ideal is that there are no distractions. You do not want that if someone got there, do not complete the desired action and go to the “who we are” page, for example.

4 – The form must reflect the value of the offer

Both the information requested and the number of fields to be completed by the user must be aligned with what is offered. Ask yourself how much the visitor is willing to give in exchange for what you offer as a brand on that landing page.

5 – Include a relevant image or video

Many people are visual and prefer to watch a video or a photo before they take the trouble to read. That is why, through resources of this kind, you will attract their attention.

6 – Add social network icons

Good and useful things should be shared, do not you think? If a user finds the content of the landing page interesting, he will most likely want to show it to the rest of his friends / followers on social networks. .

7 – Make A / B Testing

It is the most appropriate way to understand your audience. Make small changes to the pages and try to see what is generating more conversion. The important thing is that you do it one by one to be able to analyze and know what delivered the best results.

8 – Buttons with colors and words that convert

It comes hand in hand with point 7 (A / B testing). Use and test colors and sizes of buttons and change the words that go inside them to get better results that become potential customers.

Now you have some of the best keys to transform your landing page into a real leader of leads. Test these tips from today!

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  • Landing page all the things in the right place and with less distraction is the one that sells. Thank you for mentioning.

  • Fantastic post Vishwajeet! Landing/opt-in/squeeze pages are absolutely critical to turning our traffic into leads. The tips mentioned here are absolutely on-point, and genuinely do make a difference. Something i see a lot of online when viewing a landing page, is the clutter, and the distraction which is prevalent on-screen. The sole purpose of a page like this is to ethically influence someone to part ways with their email address – maybe it’s for a free video, eBook, report etc – having, as you say, navigational menus in sight, creates distraction and lessens the impact of the page. I always see it like a cinema – just before the film starts, they always dim the lights – why? To ensure the best viewing experience for the audience. It’s the same online, with a landing page – dim the lights, and create the focus of what you want your traffic to see – awesome post Vishwajeet! Powerful!!


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