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Rankraft : Best Digital Marketing Services Company in India

With the growing popularity of apps and online marketing, we can consider that the Indian audience has changed a lot. Yes, they are getting more digital. You can see the online food delivery agencies are starting their service in the big and small cities as well. Every day traveling to my office, I can see the delivery boys of different e-commerce line marching towards their delivery address. There are also, educational apps, even tuition and schools are getting digitized.

Best Digital Marketing Services Company in India

In the year 2018, India has become the world’s fastest-growing market for mobile applications on both Apple iOS and Google’s Android play store that has shown a sharp spike in the revenue.

Remember the days when the ads were aired on radio channels, TV channels, newspapers and billboards? These are now called as traditional way of marketing.

The new way is taking your business on the internet. Yes, promoting your product and service through online channels is a new digital thing.

Reasons to opt digital marketing for your business :

1) In digital marketing, you can reach to large audience.

2) The cost associated with digital marketing is less as compared to other forms of marketing.

3) You can measure your ad campaign carried over digital platforms.

4) Changes can be done in real time.

Make the right choice for your digital marketing journey with Rankraft :

The Rankraft team is considered to have effective digital marketing strategies that help you to generate your goodwill in the targeted market. The team consists of problem solvers, self-motivated creators, coders, designers, writers, and auditors.

Rankraft believes in teamwork and hence can deliver the desired results in the given time. With their professional SEO services and packages anyone can start their onilne marketing.

They have the following core values :

(1) Integrity :

This quality proves that they are trusted and genuine digital marketing services provider in India.

(2) Building Relations :

Rankraft works beyond just getting clicks. They believe in building a strong relationship with their clients because according to them relationship matters a lot for any kind of business.

(3) Transparency :

Rankraft maintains transparency with its customers. No work is carried out without informing their customers. Each and every task is first discussed and if both the parties are satisfied then the task gets implemented.

(4) At your service :

The team is present to serve you anytime you reach to them. Getting a project done is not all they work for, they will assist you further also.

How Rankraft : Digital Marketing Company works?

1) Hear from you :

They will like to know about your niche, vision and mission and how you see your brand.

2) Understand your business :

Once taking inputs from you, the team will discuss among themselves about the tasks that need to be carried out for your business.

3) Brainstorming :

Once you choose Rankraft as your digital marketing partner, then their experts will start the work with the brainstorming to come up with some of the fruitful ideas.

4) Campaigns :

The team will collect all the relevant information about your niche and business so as to work smoothly for your campaigns.

5) Work finalization :

After the screening of the work, the final work will be segregated as per the clients wish and the content will get finalized.

6) Campaign scheduling :

The campaign is scheduled considering the type of work that is finalized. The experts know, when and how to use the content so that it will show impact among your audience.

7) Analysis and report :

Once the camping is carried out, the client will receive the report of the work done and how does it help your business.

Till now you might have understood that Rankraft can be a trustworthy agency for your complete digital marketing. Want to explore their services?

Here are the best of the digital marketing services by Rankraft :

1) SEO services –

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  is a process that involves technologies and methodologies to increase the traffic on your website, which leads to a higher rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

What do they offer under SEO services?

(i) Professional SEO

(ii) Website SEO Audit

(iii) On-page SEO

(iv) Link Building Packages

2) Channels –

In order to widen your presence among different audience, they take the help of different online channels like :

(i)Social Media Marketing

(ii)Paid Ad Campaign

(iii)Email Marketing

3) Creativity –

Getting things online needs a lot of creativity that makes sure that it should be understood by your audience and still help you rank in SEO. Thus, Rankraft have their expertise in :

(i)Content Writing

(ii)Graphic Designing

4) Web Analytics –

As you know, digital marketing allows you to measure the performance of your online activities but analyzing it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The measurement and analysis of the reports will be done for you by the team so that together you both can make future decisions. The decisions are made depending on the results from :

(i)Heatmap tool

(ii)Google Analytics

Conclusion –

If you are looking for the transparent digital marketing agency that works on integrity and has teamwork value so as to deliver the expected results then, Rankraft is your go-to choice.

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