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Advance Digital Marketing Strategies You should Know in 2019 as a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is changing every year on a wide scope for marketers. So you need to change your marketing polices to keep pace with the changing technology to stay ahead from the competitors. The top digital marketers are making new strategies to engage their audience in their content.

Digital Marketing

Here we are going to discuss some of the digital marketing trends in 2018 and the changes which evolves in the 2019. These are four new platforms where you should invest your energy for 2019.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The mobile phone and the cameras are used widely to improve the customer experience. This can be used by marketers along with VR and AR. With these you can improve brand engagement which helps the customers to decide for the purchase of the products. This also engages the customers for better experience in the products.

This is going good in various companies like Amazon who are setting Oculus Rift VR booths around prime day. This allows shoppers to see all the products from a nerf gun to refrigerator. This provides potential buyers to experience the product without even spending on it while getting a real life like experience for the same.

The users who can’t reach a physical location to see the product can be the most targeted customers in this category. The AR provides great flexibility and reach with the help of mobile apps to them. There are so many manufacturers who are showing the product using AR in mobile apps to make it easier to envision a product with a mobile device.

So an AR / VR helps the seller and customer to build a better relationship before the customer actually buys the products with maximum satisfaction and minimise the effort to obtain the customer and their feedback.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most debated and doubtful topics to use in digital marketing. Digital marketers had never started using it for the work. But now AI has become far better than this and ended the debate which leds to the use of AI in marketing policies. It helps in simplifying data-based experiences and improving user experience.

In this case KLM has done a fine job by having a messenger service included in it. It helps traveller to book a check-in & flight status update. This is good on both the sides i.e. Travel Company and travellers.

Chatbot is the another aspect in AI which is helpful to customer. Chatbot asks some pre-defined questions by the customer and answer them. When a new question is being asked by the customer, the chatbot transfers the call to a human caller who helps the customer for better responses. While the human interaction is listened by the chatbot to handle all the situations itself by learning from the previous experience. This shows the AI technology is soon going to overtake the digital marketing to itself.

Visual and Voice Search

Internet search is evolving from text searches to the visual and voice searches which is in demand now. Now reverse search is going through which searches text based data from a image based input. Google , Pinterest nd Microsoft has jumped to the voice and visual search over time. Marketers are preparing customers and respective data to be displayed while gaining more insights for their products.

Voice search helps the consumers to find more data about the product they are planning to purchase. This has been implemented in Domino’s , Amazon Echo. It helps people to interact via voice search and offers brands to evolve as a unique one and clicks in consumer mind with smallest events. Voice search presents a new challenge to the marketers to optimize or humans and devices.

Vertical Video

As the video content viewers have shifted to mobile from desktop, we see so many mobile videos and ads which continues to be better. Marketers are using videos to engage the audience in app between tasks and on social platforms.

The path went to vertical videos. As Instagram has introduced a new platform i.e. IGTV to continue and allows the user to create long vertical videos. IGTV do not have ads facility now but soon they are going to show this. IGTV is a very big platform for the brands to share it organically. IGTV becomes a success and has shifted in favor of vertical video. Soon marketers will create horizontal and vertical assets to get more audience for the brand.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

The latest digital marketing strategies will help you to become easier to reach your customers and make them ready for buying the products and improve thier post purchase experience.The competitors knows that capitalizing the new forms of content and technology. This helps marketers to capture new audience on fresh platforms.

These are four latest digital marketing strategies I knew which I have shared with you. If you find this article useful, then Please share this Post.

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