How to Promote your Blog Like a Pro?

Creating a blog is not a tricky part but promoting your blog is definitely a hefty job for you. Newbie bloggers are trying to get huge traffic to their blog. I have got a lot of emails from newbies on how to promote a blog?

how to promote your blog like a pro

Your blog cannot be noticed if you don’t promote it. Online marketing world changes rapidly and constantly. You have to adopt new techniques and strategies that help you to utilize maximum visitors to your blog. Here in this post, I am going to show you how to promote your blog like a pro.

Create quality content

Quality content always plays a great role in driving traffic and create more engagement on your blog. If your content is not engaging then visitors will leave your site immediately after landing on your blog pages. So, you have to provide more and more useful and relevant content on your blog on daily basis. This will keep your blog alive and full of rich content.


SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. To rank your blog in search engines you have to make your site search engine friendly by implementing SEO on your Blog. SEO consist of two part one is on page SEO and the second one is off page SEO.

On Page SEO works on the optimization of your blog design and editing part. Here you have to use a good and professional looking design for your blog. Make your content SEO friendly by adding Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc) use bullet points to your articles, Add sitemap to your blog. Keep your robots.txt file error free etc.  You can also use Best SEO plugins for WordPress to make your blog SEO friendly.

In Off page SEO, we are especially focusing on creating quality and relevant backlinks from high authority website. To make quality backlinks, you can do guest posting, Blog commenting, etc.  SEO helps you to drive sustainable and passive traffic to your blog. It certainly takes some time and can’t be done overnight.

Social Media sites

Social Media sites are now becoming a part of individual’s day to day life. People love to hang around with friends on social media sites, we love to share everything about us on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It has a great influence on our life.

Today, top companies are investing huge money in social media sites to build their social media presence and connect with millions of people across the globe. You can also leverage this huge platform to promote your blog.

Build a Facebook page for your blog and share your content on these social networking sites on daily basis. If you have a large connection in social media sites then you can leverage it to drive huge traffic on your blog.


Quora is question answer site. Millions of questions are asked on Quora for different categories. You can use it to drive traffic to your blog. Just browse your segment and look at the questions users ask more often. Answer them and share the relevant article link can help you to drive more traffic to your blog.

You can also use Quora to get the latest blog post ideas for your blog. It is really one of the best places to promote your blog. Recently Quora allows you to share your blog posts link on their community. You can find this option by login to your account.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting does not have any SEO value but it can be very helpful to drive traffic to your blog. Blog commenting does not mean that you flood other blogs with spam and junk comments. It won’t help you to get traffic as most of it gets trashed by bloggers.

Keep your blog comment more relevant and authentic. Try to make genuine and in-depth comments that add some value. It will help readers and also the blog owners to connect with you.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the best ways to build backlinks and it also helps you to promote your blog. However, Quality also matters here. Don’t do guest posting just for the sake of getting backlinks and visitors. Write the Guest post by keeping quality in the mind. A Good and quality guest post can help you to build your authority online.

Connect with bloggers

Connecting with fellow bloggers can be very helpful to grow your blog. You cannot do it alone. Share others blog posts and mention others in your blog can help to build a strong relationship with them. In return, they also give you the favor. As I always say “Blogging is all about helping each other”

Bloggers are always caring each other and you have to build this faith and relationship with others.

Over to you

These are some of the best ways to promote your blog. It will take some time but these steps are so practical that it helps you to get huge numbers of visitors along with huge readers for your blog. I hope you have found this technique helpful and helps you to grow your blog. If you like the post, Don’t forget to share it with others.

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  • Hey VIshwajeet,

    I believe backlinks and guest posting is the clear winner. They help you build authority and result in organic traffic which beats anything out there.
    Awesome article Vishwajeet and good to see your site up and running.

  • Hi Vishwajeet,

    Your article is great and I love the points you highlighted. On-page and Off-page SEO are crucial because both are kike bread and peanut butter. When creating content you apply On-page SEO, and after publishing your article, you apply Off-page SEO. These strategies enables you to improve content visibility and search rankings.

    One to I want to add is the use of “email marketing” to promote your blog. Yes, we know that Google does not index emails, but they play an important role – helping you to increase your searching rankings. How?

    Add links to email newsletters you send to your subscribers and encourage them to click through to your site and read your blog. Also encourage them to link to your new blog posts. These activities surely will boost SEO and Google search.

    • Exactly, besides guest posting, I also recommended email marketing also plays a big role in getting more views. Every blogger should not neglect to collect emails of their site visitors by letting them subscribe to their newsletter. By installing an email capture tool on their sites, they can collect the email addresses of almost every visitor by giving them free gifts in exchange for their emails. I wrote several articles pertaining to email marketing on my blog. Anyway, this article has insights that many newbie bloggers wouldn’t think about. Very informative and to the point.

  • I love blog commenting and guest posting Vishwajeet. What a 1-2 punch. Excellent advice here, as always.

  • Hi Vishwajeet,

    I like all your points of how to promote your blog. Everything is so on target! The best of all for me is to engage with other bloggers and share their stuff. Reciprocity is a wonderful thing! Also commenting does bring more readers to our own blogs. When people read comments and you leave a good one, they are more apt to check you out. It has happened to me so many times.


  • Hi Vishwajeet, great points here. I must work more on my contributor posts. Something I’m hoping to do before year’s end. I love commenting on other blogs along the way. If I’m going to read them, why not comment, right?
    I’m also working on on-site work with fixing my orphan content.
    Thanks for sharing these tips and have a great weekend Vishwajeet.

  • Hi Vishwajeet,
    Thanks for your insights. SEO has always been obscure for me so I assumed it was really technical and out of my league.
    It appears to be simple!
    I especially will focus on guest posting, seo plugins and quora.


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