5 Tips to Gain Confidence in Your Blogging Products

Most bloggers feel terrified to create their own products.

I did, 7 years ago.

Some goaded me to write an eBook. I laughed. Why would anyone buy and read my eBook? Who did I think I was? Eventually, a buddy of mine finally swayed me to write my first eBook when I was in Muhamma, India. The eBook became a flop but I broke the ice, gaining enough confidence to write and self publish the read.

Fast forward 3 years; I began writing and self-publishing 126 eBooks for the Blogging From Paradise library. I also began creating blogging courses.

Bloggers tend to shake in their blogging boots at the prospect of creating their own product. Doubt infects their minds. Today, let’s dissolve doubt and fillet fears regarding self-publishing your own blogging product.

1: Ya Gotta Know Why

I recall the fear-traitors bedeviling my brain in 2012, in Alleppey, India. I had become pretty ill – before getting REALLY sick – and this feeling, combined with doubts about writing an eBook, tried to force me to quit.

Fortunately, I knew why I wanted to write the eBook. I saw a fun, freeing way to:

  • help people
  • open a passive income stream

So….I wrote the sucker. Fun won over fear. Freedom won over nasty doubts.

Guys; your love of creating a product needs to outweigh your fear of doing so. Reach that tipping point. You’ll create the product.

2: Reminder Yourself that You Have the Knowledge

Almost every single blogger holds ample knowledge to create a course or eBook. Why? You blogged on the topic for weeks, months or years. Products are simply knowledge packaged differently than how you package blog posts.

Sure you need to beef up an online course. Of course your 6000 word eBook dwarves your 600 word blog post. But in most cases, you better believe you have sufficient knowledge to create a product. Instant confidence booster.

3: Invest in Resources

Even after I had written 100 plus eBooks I needed a refresher on writing and selling those suckers. I invested in an eBook from Amazon self-publishing legend Steve Scott. I tapped into greater confidence, learning from a seasoned pro.

Invest money in resources for creating blogging products. Feel a surge in confidence flood your being as you follow a proven, simple blueprint followed by successful blogging pros.

4: Surround Yourself with Heart Centered Bloggers

Loving, heart-centered bloggers cheer you on and help dissolve self-doubts regarding your blogging products. Sue-Ann Bubacz, Vishwajeet Kumar and Alonzo Pichardo have supported me and my blogging endeavors through ups and downs, and everything in between.

Compassionate bloggers offer clear feedback, nudge you forward and can cheer you on even if you cling to some fears related to getting your product out there. Help heart-centered bloggers. Ask for nothing. Make friends. Access a loving support system that boosts your confidence when you need a little tap from your friends.

5: Just Do it!

Nike slogan time; per the iconic sneaker brand, just do it. I recall basically locking myself into the house in Granada, Nicaragua for a few days to create my first blogging course. I just did it. Making a clear decision to create and ship gives you confidence in moving forward. Doubt dies a quick death through the power of decision.

Note; do not plow through product creation mindlessly. Slowly, patiently and generously write your eBook or construct your course. Engineer an outline. Persistently fill in the details.

You can and will create a winning blogging product by solving reader problems. Keep it simple. Address a common reader need to connect with your ideal customers.

Guys; you can do it! Follow these tips, gain confidence and dive in to product creation.

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  • Hi Ryan,

    Doing your own products is the way to go. I remember my first one whereby I invested a few thousand dollars to get me started with a very good training. It not only gave me the knowledge of all the how to’s, but gave me the confidence to do so.

    So there it was completed. Now what the heck do I do with it? Write a blog post and have people jamming through the door? No, that’s where the marketing part of the course I had taken kicked in. It was years ago, but I did learn how to market my own stuff, overcoming the fear of it. I put it in my mind that this was all for fun, and it worked like magic!

    Because of my own products and services people have taken me more seriously. I share this because if anyone who reads this comment is hesitant, they can get over the fear.



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