8 Reasons Bloggers Should Write the Schedule for Posts

How often do you write? Do you write posts only when you have inspiration or prepare them in advance to have a bulk of posts that will come in handy when you do not have time for writing? How regularly do you publish your posts? Is it an occasional activity or do you have some schedule that determines your writing?

A young blogger faces multiple questions about scheduling and writing. They do not have a clue of what they should really do with the posts. Some of the young bloggers decide not to create problems for themselves and follow their intuition (which is not the best method of running a blogging business) while others try to research this issue and find the solution for their scheduling.

For some bloggers, writing according to the schedule sounds like limiting their imagination. For others, this is the solution for the eternal problem of ‘I have nothing to say today’. In fact, scheduling is perhaps the most effective tool for the writers. It helps to develop the organizational skill as well as writing, analyzing, and managing abilities. It is hard to believe that writing according to a schedule can really enhance the quality, but when you start to do that, you immediately notice that you write better and better. You also begin to write faster and it takes you less time to write the blog post. In the following paragraphs, we are going to analyze how scheduling affects the quality of writing and how it may change your blog.

Why should you schedule your writing?

There are 8 basic reasons that make scheduling a necessity for any type of a blogger.

1. Writing becomes easier

If you write only from time to time, you do not develop a habit of writing. It means that it takes too much time for you to find the corresponding words to express your thoughts, and you even may have problems with collecting your ideas and including them into one text. If you practice all the time, writing becomes easier, more fluent and less time-consuming. It is like running. First, you hate it, and after a month of regular trainings, you start to love it.

2. You start to write long posts

Not all bloggers love to write long reads. A couple of years ago, a long read was a piece of content that every writer avoided, as everyone thought that people just have no time for reading it. But as the research demonstrated, people do love reading long posts, but they should be really useful and informative. It is a real art to write a post of more than 500 words that will be interesting to a reader. Of course, not all bloggers are capable of that. Moreover, not all bloggers can really write such a long post. But if you have a schedule, you can estimate the time for research and writing itself.

3. You become more precise with the goals

A schedule is the most effective method to become a goal-oriented person. First of all, you learn how to settle these goals. In fact, creating a schedule is already a goal settlement – you define when you need to write a post and when to publish it, and you are to follow this decision. Besides, when you write down what you need to do, you increase the chances that you will really do that. This is a small psychological trick that allows you to develop your skill of goal setting.

4. You get control over your writing

Uncontrolled and intuitive writing is not a blessing. It is good for people who write for themselves, but it is absolutely useless for the bloggers. Just imagine that a doctor accepts patients only when they feel like it. No one can know when such doctor will be in a good mood, and no one actually will want to become their patient. When you take control over your writing, you may be sure that your posts will appear at proper time, and no one will accuse you of being impatient or inattentive to your blog.

5. You get time for research

For a successful blogger, it is not enough just to write their impressions and thoughts. People are not interested in what YOU think; they want to get objective facts and ideas that give them space for their decisions. The research gives your readers a possibility to think and make their own decisions. For them, this is priceless.

6. Your content becomes more valuable

Again, if you write rarely and make big pauses between the periods of posting, your readers will not wait for your posts. But if they know that you always publish your posts on Mondays and Thursdays, they will visit your website at least twice a week to check it for new posts. Visitors appreciate that you take care of their time and will always choose your site because of that.

7. You turn blogging into an occupation

Regular posting is the first sign that blogging has become your job. You take it seriously and you no longer rely upon the situation. You take everything into your hands and you are now responsible for the results.

8. You have better ranking

The regularity of your posting influences not only your personal qualities and professional growth but also the development of your blog. A proper schedule allows you to choose day and time when your readers are more active and ensure that your blog is permanently updated and indexed according to the preferences of the search engine. It will rank you higher, and more visitors will be able to reach your blog or website.

A schedule is a good motivation for any sphere of life. It was estimated that schedule has a huge effect on the engagement of a person in their business, and what is more important, schedule makes you act, not just think about what you want to do. So if you have some writing plans, just put them into your schedule and get ready to work!

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