How to Make a Whiteboard Animation That Is Informative yet Entertaining

Belonging to the category of 2D animations, whiteboard animations are fast-paced that emerged with the purpose for informative and educational reasons. The popularity of whiteboard animations is recent and several individuals and businesses out there use this animation form for marketing and promotional activities. If you happen to be using a whiteboard animation then it is an engaging form of animation that is preferred by individuals belonging to various demographics.

How to Make a Whiteboard Animation That Is Informative yet Entertaining

Turning into a favorite of businesses of every scale and type, if you happen to find the right

Whiteboard animation video services then you can shape your marketing campaign with a quality whiteboard animation. You can also text out your creative abilities by creating this animation form yourself. Here is what you need to know before you set out to make a whiteboard animation:

Convey Emotion

Animated content has gained popularity across social media channels and people prefer sharing videos the most as compared to images and textual content. Only content that evokes some form of emotion gains popularity. Something that made a person laugh or made them feel deeply connected to it is often shared the most.

The reason why people enjoy watching cat videos is the same as it brings them joy, humor, and delight. The key to producing a whiteboard animation that sticks out is to incorporate all those factors that people prefer to watch. Something that is too bland or stagnant will surely not be preferred but a video full of emotion would definitely be adored on a greater scale.

Come up with something new

Nobody would prefer to watch a video with an overused and outdated concept. Since whiteboard animations are becoming more and more common, it would be not a surprise to see videos with similar ideas and notions. There could be several automobile advertisements out there but only a unique story could make it stand out.

We see countless adverts every day but an animation video is different from an advert. Whiteboard animations might be well structured but you have the freedom to explore new ideas and unique the idea is, the more it would be preferred by the masses.

Know your audience better

Without knowing your demographic you cannot commence with the animation creation process. You need to know the audience you are catering to before anything and for that reason, you have to start with an extensive research. Whether your target audience comprises of teens or adults, a careful analysis of their demographics needs to be your first priority.

Not every person has the same preferences, therefore, once you have found whom your target audience is, the process of animated video creation is simplified. It is essential to display how the content in the video is going to benefit them, as only then you will drive traffic towards you.

Shorter video duration

The average duration of videos on social media channels is not more than 60 seconds, as people tend to lose interest if the video is longer. The key to making your video interesting is to come up with a great script but the starting of the video is the most essential part. If the beginning were boring to them then they would not want to watch it for more than 15 seconds.

You have to keep the viewer hooked from the starting to the end of the video and it might sound difficult but with the right amount of research, you would know what your audience wants to watch.

Make it visually appealing

A whiteboard animation video would lose its charm if it were not simple. The goal for creating such videos is not to make them complex instead of the simpler it is, the more visually appealing it gets. The creation of a whiteboard animation is easier in general but that is why the concept of the video becomes too redundant.

Many face difficulties in coming up with a unique idea for whiteboard animations but if you are well versed about the preferences of your audience then it becomes an easy task. With a great story and uncomplicated visuals, you can create an animation that is memorable and easy to recall.

Make it memorable

You recognize certain brands only through their logo because and that is what logos are meant for. If an advert is well done then it becomes an unforgettable piece of memory for the viewers. However, animations tend to possess more potential to be memorable. People belonging to different age groups and demographics prefer different forms of animated content so you have to research extensively before you start creating a whiteboard animation.

However, that does not mean you can bloat the video with random text and visuals and expect that it would work. You have to be extremely intricate while creating the animation and make sure the visuals and text you pick is expressive and unique or else your video will lose the charm you desire it to have.


It is certain that if you are looking for a way to express your story or your message then a video is the best form of media for it. People do not prefer to see static visuals or trendy captions instead; they want to feel engaged with the content they see. Infographics stayed as a popular trend but with the emergence of animated content such as whiteboard animations, individuals and brands have started to resort to animations for various purposes.

Whether it is for a website or for promotional reasons, you can use animations anywhere. Animated videos are usually simple but still possess great convincing power and with whiteboard animations, the entire notion of animations is changing at a rapid pace.

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