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9 Effective Tips: How to Write the Best Facebook Ads Ever that Convert

Imagine spending an immense amount of energy and money on an ad only to realize that it isn’t earning your company customers. Nothing could ever be more disappointing. The chances of you coming across a similar scenario in the life of your business are very high.

How to Write the Best Facebook Ads Ever that Convert

The reason is that people these days have easy access to services like Program CoX Remote to TV that allow them to surf the Internet whenever they please. That too at affordable rates. This makes it more difficult for companies to break through the clutter. Because the competition out there is intense. However, if you employ the right tactics, you can easily increase the conversion rate through your Facebook ads.

Here are a couple of tips:

The eye is Where the Interest is

So when you decide to put an ad on Facebook, you can choose your audience based on the following demographics:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Education
  • Relationship status

The list can go on. However, the noteworthy point is that ‘interest-based’ targeting is more likely to get you the audience that will convert. The reason behind this is that when someone is interested in a particular sport, brand or a food item, he will always be out on a hunt for deals regarding that product. Or he will always want to learn about more companies that offer the product that they please. Pitching the idea of watching a baseball game to a basketball lover is not a good idea. He won’t buy it. Similarly, placing your ads on the screens of the audience who have little to do with your product is a complete ‘NO-NO.’ You have to narrow down the audience to people you think will be interested in your products. Once you have succeeded in doing so, you will notice an increase in the conversion rate. Because you will be pitching your product to people who are genuinely interested in the product.

Strong Lead Magnet

Apart from targeting the right audience, you need to be able to take the right actions at the right time as well. Creating strong leads is just one among the pool of many. Before we delve further into the tip, let’s first understand what lead generation is. When you are able to convert the strangers or prospects into someone who shows interest in your company or products, that is called led generation. There are many ways of doing so. You can send emails to your potential buyers. But make sure that you do not irritate the audience while doing so. You can add a call to action in these emails. Or ask the people to subscribe to your newsletter. You can even send informative videos or news to them on regular basis. But make sure that you send the right thing at the right stage of your relationship with the person. For example, sending a webinar on your very first interactive email with the person can be a bit too much for him to handle. Therefore, build the relationship gradually but one that lasts for long.

Match the Audience’s Taste

Facebook ads are not billboards that you can post variable ads for one campaign. This is the beauty of the site. You can post multiple ads to cater to different audiences. For example, if you are a brand that sells apparel (for both men and women) along with accessories and shoes, you can make different ads to promote different products. By doing so, you can also cater to the specific audience that would be interested in the ad.

Visuals Tell the Same Story Words Do

The visuals that you choose to display as a part of your ads should align with the words in your ad. Many businesses (small and often large) make this mistake. Because they have fewer visuals on hand, they compromise on them. Clearly, they fail to realize the importance of images. They speak louder than words and attract people more. A poor choice of images will only leave the individuals confused as to what is it that the ad really wants to tell them. You DO NOT want to put your audience in that situation.

One over Many

When it comes to call-to-action, one is enough. But it should be clear. Do not beat about the bush when it comes to call-to-action. People prefer a straightforward approach. So, give them what they please. Place a call-to-action tab that is very visible in your ad in a way that it is easily accessible by the audience.

Short and Simple

Keep your ad as short and simple as possible. Writing paragraphs as part of your ads will drive the people away. Your ad should address the following things in a direct and creative way:

  • What does your product deliver
  • How your product will help your audience

If you succeed in conveying this to your audience in a concise manner, the conversion rate will increase.

Product with Benefits

You should highlight the benefits of your product in a ‘not-so-bragging’ way. This will help the target market to rate you against your competitors in a rather efficient way. If the people fail to register the benefits that using your product will bring to them, they won’t convert. They’d rather shift.


You might be your own critique, but you need opinions (other than your own) to see if you are doing the right thing or not. This can happen in many ways. You can either opt to scroll through your own Facebook feed and see the ads that attract you. This can act as an inspiration. Now, remember that there is a thin line between inspiration and duplication. You do not want to do the latter. The other and better option is to ask your friends and family about the ad that you just created. They will give you an honest opinion. You can then change the ad accordingly.


Facial expressions are very relatable to every individual. Incorporating them as a part of your ad can do the trick for you. Some of the famous ones to choose from include:

  • Anger
  • Disgust
  • Sadness
  • Happiness
  • Surprise

That’s pretty much about it. If you follow these tips, you will see a noticeable change in your conversion rate. A friend handling social media for Cox Service promos shared her experience recently. As she explained their struggles with getting a high conversion rate, I realized one thing! That was a very common and basic problem many entrepreneurs face. Hence, this blog.

Hope all you newbies find it useful.

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  • Thanks for the nice guidance.

  • Vishwajeet, you make it so simple. Do you like one image posts or slideshow video posts? I find the video’s one work better in most cases.
    Love your ONE is MANY, One should be it! Great advice, thank you!

    • Hello Lisa,

      Indeed Video’s works better than the one image posts and attract more user engagement. You know that videos are getting too much popularity in these days and one of the best medium to connect with the world. Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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