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5 Best Web Browser Apps for Android

You will be surprised to know how many people take web browsers in smartphones for granted. Whereas browsers are a very important feature in surfing the internet. Many people use social media apps and are addicted to them and thus do not think too much of browsing the internet on the phone in general.


Browsers are important on an Android phone. You should have the right browser installed. There are many reasons why this can be a slightly complicated task. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to browsing the web. Then there are performance issues, some browsers take more space and data while making it up by some other form of great performance areas. Others are focused around privacy for those who want to protect their phone and personal details.

Mobile browsers are slightly more different than web browsers when it comes to layouts in particular. So you have to be on the lookout for the design as well. Depending on your preference and the size and graphics quality of your phone, you may not find some mobile browsers particularly attractive.

Then with mobile phones, there is always an issue of privacy. Some web browsers out there are not as secure as we’d want them to be, it is a hard fact. So requirements, layout, features, and security – you have to gauge all these things before installing a browser app on your website.

1.  Dolphin

Dolphin is an amazing browser. Perhaps it is the most underrated browser in the world. It is fast, light, offers full-screen mode, even flashes support – that is largely not used these days. Dolphin supports HTML5 video players as well. Something that is a rarity in browsers. Dolphin will also block unwanted ads. All in all, it will give you a wholesome experience.

Dolphin browser has many good features such as location turn off and on and a private mode as well. You can create an account that will save your bookmarks and all important details so you don’t have to sign in to websites every time you open the site.

2.  Firefox Browser

If you are worried about security, you should download the Firefox Browser without thinking too much. It is the most secure browser out there. It is ideal for Android users and works seamlessly. It has been voted one of the tops in the famous Most Trusted Internet Companies for Privacy survey. It is user-friendly and gives you the most secure browsing experience. There are many features and settings you can use to optimize your usage.

Firefox has many supporting apps that makes your mobile browsing experience quite amazing. Also, it is worth noting that Firefox is non-profit. It is a charity so by using it you are contributing to a great cause.

3.  Ghostery Privacy Browser

Another secure browser on our list that focuses on protecting data and keeping anonymity, Ghostery Privacy Browser is a feature-packed option for you. It is easy to setup and easy to use. You can even import your Google bookmarks if you are using an Android device. And it is not sluggish at all like some privacy browsers, give it a try, you will be surprised. There is also a built in a fast tracker and add blocker included with the browser. When you visit websites, you can see which website is tracking your data and based on that knowledge you can take action against the sites, you can blacklist them, block them and stop them from taking your data.

Keeping your data secure is important these days, since we live in the age where cyber-attacks can be deadly. So using a private and safe browser may be your need of the hour without you realizing it.

4.  Google Chrome Browser

You saw this one coming didn’t you. These says it is the default browser in many Android devices. Chrome became popular because it was fast and easy on the web, same is the case on the mobile phones. According to Google, using Chrome helps you save up to 50% of your browsing data and that is a lot. Just like the web version, the browser on mobile also lets you surf in incognito mode and displays several tab at once.

It is needless to say that the Chrome browser is highly optimized for the Android phone. Since both are owned by Google. Chrome browser has many supporting apps, namely Google apps that come with your phone so everything is in one place.

5.  Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a lot like Google Chrome. In fact, they could be twin sisters. Opera Mini is lightweight and fast. It saves a lot of data and offer features anonymous modes and accessibility to multiple tabs. Opera Mini gives you a live report of how much data you are saving with this browser. This shows how confident the developers are about its consumption.

It is also worth noting that Opera Mini is the oldest mobile browser in the world. It pre-dates the smart phones even! We all remember browsing through small phones on a steady and unfashionable browser via our phones with keypads. Opera Mini is a fighter that has come through the ages. It has only become stronger and better with age.

So that was it, have we got it all? Did we miss any? – I hope not. If you believe we have left a browser out or if you feel any that made out list don’t deserve to be there, please let us know in the comment section below.

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