What is The Toll free and How to Apply for Toll Free Number in 2019

We all use different free of cost services in our whole life. All these facilities are really helpful to us in different ways. There are a lot of advantages of these free services which we use.

One of these services which is free is of toll free numbers which we use a lot of time for our work in our lives. There are a lot of different companies and firm which provide their toll free number to us and we publicly use these numbers and use the service of the company in the desired way by contacting them on this toll free service.

What is The Toll free and How to Apply for Toll Free Number in 2019

What is a toll free number?

Actually there is a definition of toll free number. A toll free number is a free phone number. For instance as the free call number is 877 toll free. This is a one example. There are other examples as well. We use these toll free number a lot of times but in actuality are they really free?

For that we first need to understand what does toll free mean in actuality. The toll free service is a kind of service which is chargeable to the contacted or the billing party. This means that the charges of the call which are received are paid later by the person who has subscribed to this toll free service.

The toll free service is most importantly free to the person who is calling on the toll free number. No charges are paid by the person who is calling on toll free number.

Also very importantly the person who is calling on toll number can call from any service provider. There are no limitations of service provider while calling on toll free number.

How to identify toll free number

There is a uniqueness of every toll free number which we use these days. A free phone number or a toll free number is recognized by adding a prefix which is kind of similar to an area code 888. This is just an example.

These days the toll service providers provide toll free number in a way that it is replaced by 1800 series and now it is 3 digits number. After that this toll number is linked with an already specified destination code and carrier. Like there is area code 877.

In other words we can say the toll number is now linked with an area code like 877 area code.

How this works

The toll number is attached to the telephone groups and switching offices. All the calls on these toll numbers are redirected to a common or a centralized location or a destination.

Who can get this toll free number

Now the question which arises is that who can apply to get a toll number for providing it’s services. So these are the firms which can apply for it.

  • First a large MNC can apply for it as it is a multi national corporation and it deals with huge number of people all the time during their work time.
  • A customer service team company can apply for this toll service as well.
  • Then if there is a company or an organization which provides technical help through technical helpline can also apply for this service.
  • Sales and service can also go for these services.
  • Then retail industry company which deals with customers through their products and services can apply for its services.
  • Hotels and restaurants service providers can also apply for this getting this toll free number service.
  • Companies which are large corporate bodies and dealing with corporate world can apply as well for getting tool free number service for its work puropses.

Features of toll free number so

Here are the some of the features of these toll free numbers.

  • This toll number is one number for the entire nation. No STD facility is needed for this service to be accessed.
  • The toll free number allows the companies to channel the calls to various geographical locations.
  • If the company wants to put some call on a toll free number in a queue then this facility is available in toll free number.

So these are the some of the most important features of a toll free number. All other features under these features only.


We use a lot of toll free numbers and these days not only large corporations can apply for toll free number. Find more about the toll free number at Skytechosting. Even it has become possible for SME segment to have their own toll free number.

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