How to Effectively Rank Your Site in Google throughout 2019?

Search engines have benchmarks for everything including the results that are displayed in return of a query and ranks of websites. Most business owners do not know how search engines operate. They do not have answers to various basic questions including the following.

  1. Why is my website getting a low rank?
  2. How do I enhance my traffic?
  3. Which areas do I need to improve?

These are some of the many questions for which website owners should have answers. If you do not know how a search engine ranks websites, you would fail to realize why the rank of your website is falling and what can be done to prevent it. Brands lose thousands of customers within no time but they fail to figure out the reasons. The main reason is that they do not know about the working procedures of Google. There are some positive factors on the basis of which the website rank is improved. Similarly, a website may be ranked low because it has key deficiencies. If you are well aware of how Google measures the effectiveness of a website, getting a high rank and maintaining it would not be a problem.

Google Ranking

Important parameters to get a high rank on Google

Thousands of websites are indexed on Google with each search category. However, only a few of them are successful in getting ranked on the first page of the searched results. It is obvious that these websites get more customer attention from the ones present on websites present on the other pages. People do not want to make the effort and go to the results beyond the first page. Even have you the most incredible website; you can only expect good customer count to come your way if it is ranked on the first page preferable among the top few links. With Google Indexing tool you can easily rank your site in above search results.

Here are some critical areas for acquiring a good SEO rank

Use Keywords for title tags

It is commonly emphasized that websites with a good count of keywords get a good rank but that is not the only condition which has to be fulfilled. Where do the keywords have to be used is also important? Before the reader reads through anything, he would surely go through the heading. Hence, using the keywords in the heading tags is always a good strategy.

A high percentage of people like to skim through the information present on the internet. No one has the time to go through each and every line. In a lot of cases, readers simply go through the heading. If they figure out that the content is interesting, they would go through the remaining text. On the other hand, if the heading does not seem catchy or according to their needs, you can expect the visitor to leave right away. Using keywords in the right places makes a serious difference to the traffic count and sales turnovers.

Using keywords in the first 100 to 150 words

When a content writer is developing the flow of information, he aims at using keywords naturally. If he thinks that the topic needs an introduction and then the keywords would be used, there is nothing seriously problematic about it. However, in terms of Google ranks, this is not wise thinking.

  • Google uses various simple constituents to determine the rank of a website. One of them is where the keyword is appearing. Although the natural flow of the content is important you need to think beyond that. Ideally, the targeted keywords should appear in the first 100 to 150 words. This makes it easier for search engines to scan the keywords and rank the website.

Meta Descriptions are critical

Do you know that a lot of people decide about visiting a website after viewing the Meta description? Not providing a Meta description may turn off some users. This does happen when a user does not have enough time and wishes to go through the Meta description before visiting the link.

  • The meta description is not about using lengthy sentences. This is details would be presented in the actual web content. Thus, do not use long phrases or product specifications in the meta descriptions. Keep this description to the point and use short catchy sentences.
  • The purpose of the meta description is very simple. This is to convince the user to click the website. These descriptions are highly important and can actually help your website is growing.

Keyword inclusion in URL

Using the correct keywords is nothing less than a game changer. Along with that, you need to be sure that they are used in all important places and not only in the content. One of these places is the URL.

  • The eventual goal of any website is to acquire a high rank and be exposed to more people. However, this depends mainly on Google and the policies that it has. If your website does not abide by the policy of the search engine, it would struggle to get a good rank. The inclusion of relevant keyword in the URL only has positive impacts. It increases the chances of Google ranking your website highly.

Lengthy content has its positives

Long content has various benefits apart from the fact that it involves more hard work and research. When the content is lengthier, you would be able to use more keywords and suitable phrases. This means a higher traffic count, more visitors resulting in more business. However, lengthy content does not mean simply filling pages. If you have to write each web page of around 1500 words, it means 1500 words of quality well-researched information.

  • We do view websites which where each page comprises of few lines of content but unnecessary images. This may be an indication that the website is not dependable. On the other hand, when the content has a good word count, users would have a feeling of trust about the website. Thus, when you are drafting the content of the website, make sure that the length is good enough to keep the user engaged.
  • As it is mentioned above, writing lengthy content does not mean in any way that the quality factor should be ignored in any manner. Unfortunately, this does happen in a lot of cases. People ignore the quality factor and simply focus on completing the word limit. The readers today are very smart and the read through the entire content instead of counting the words.
  • If your website comprises of lengthy content backed by professional research, you can surely expect a good count of customers and eventually a high Google rank. Again, when it comes to lengthy content, it is not about typing multiple paragraphs. The content should not include any redundant points. This is something that irritates the user and convinces him to quit the page right away.
  • The written content should have a flow, and free from any kind of plagiarism so that the reader can find it interesting instead of getting confused. If you have overstuffed the first few sentences with information and the area which follows is repetition, things would not turn out good. Make the content as interesting as possible. Avoid using the same tone that other websites are using. Lastly, present the core facts in a proper way so that visitors can get an in-depth understanding.

A responsive website is absolutely necessary

Most users who browse the internet using smartphones. Today, people do not have the time to sit in front of the computer and browse their favorite websites. They use the internet while studying, during official breaks and other times when they are free. If you want the maximum people to visit your web page, make sure that it is responsive.

  • An unresponsive website does not have a compatible display on smartphones. This makes it hard for the user to view it according to his specific screen size. If a website is not responsive, it would only be accessed by people who browse the internet using a computer.
  • The eventual goal of a professional website is to develop a stronger online presence for the company. When more people visit a website, the customer count increases as well. Today, the buying habits of people have changed tremendously. They like buying more things in less time. This has greatly increased the trend of online shopping. If you have a well-marketed website with a good rank by Google, your sales volumes would multiply within no time.

Why quality backlinks only?

Simply having backlinks is not wise planning. You need to focus on dependable backlinks only. If you have a backlink from a low standard website, the reputation of your website would suffer in terms of ranking. Before you get a backlink, check the reputation of the website you are linking with. You need to check the reviews, overall standing of the website, customer count and other factors to confirm whether it is a good option for backlinking or not.

Acquiring a good rank on Google is not something that happens overnight. There are certain steps which have to be followed to get to this goal.

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  • Hi Hassan

    These are the things that will help get your site ranked, for sure.

    I know many people think their blogs are “mobile responsive” but that’s changing so fast that you really have to update your efforts.

    I think Mobile is the Big thing to focus on to get your site ranked in 2019.

    Thanks for all this great info.


    • Thanks, Donna for your comment.
      Yes, you are saying right. Mobile is the next big thing to address in 2019. Voice searches are an other important factor.

  • NYC quality content .
    Make your site Amp ready to provide better user experience on Mobile devices.

    And also help in ranking.


  • Thanks, Donna for your comment.
    Yes, you are saying right. Mobile is the next big thing to address in 2019. Voice searches are an other important factor.


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