Space of Offline Branding In SEO

We are all really very known about the online branding now. Internet is such a huge platform that there cannot be better platform for online branding and marketing.

Marketing strategy

But what about the offline branding?

Is it no longer necessary or relevant?

So we are going to discuss today the Space of Offline Branding In SEO.

There are many websites on the internet which have a huge online platform but still they go on to try the offline brandings like Televisions and billboards etc.

So is it all a waste of money?

Here one thing cannot be denied that while using internet we are going to target a major level of audience.

And on internet you are targeting very particular audience. Like for instance if you are branding a product related to technology then it can be showcased on a tech website. So that only people who are interested will see that advertising. But if you are putting a billboard in a city then there is a possibility that only a few people will like that advertising.

But, it’s worth noticing that many websites that has grown like 40% of their online performance using the offline branding.

So the thing is that although it is a bit tough to actually track the progress through the offline branding. But offline branding can really bring good results for your investment.

Now the thing is

 If done correctly offline branding actually works!

So offline branding or advertising is not very old, and it will give your brand a complete recognition.

Since, you can see that any brand that has advertising on television have a high revenue. It’s a good way to increase your business.

But there are many people who are in the business think that it’s not so important to do offline branding. But, as we all can see the companies who are in business and doing so well in their respective fields are really focused on their offline branding.

And if they are doing it it’s definitely not a waste of money or time.

So what are their way of thinking?

So two questions arise here;

  • So is offline marketing now just a supplement to your online efforts?
  • What are the most common things to prompt online searches for company?


Let’s say you open a store online selling fashion brands. You are all good with the SEO and online marketing stuff with your website builder.

And now, you are ready to take it to next level so what are the steps you are supposed to follow?

Steps You need to follow

  • The most important thing is finance and you have to make sure that you can make it a point that you have enough revenue to create an offline branding platform.
  • After that you can search for a company online which is better at offline branding.(irony…What else?)
  • As it actually turns out television ads are still relevant. And all the other platforms are too. There are numbers that show that 5 of the marketing tactics are still useful. So here are the numbers.
  1. Television Ads: 44%
  2. Word of Mouth: 41%
  3. Magazine/ newspaper Ads: 35%
  4. Radio: 23%
  5. Billboard: 13%

It might not be enough to just get out of your houses to start offline brandings right now.

But we are still spending lots of time offline and only when we connect to the internet on our laptop and our PCs then we go online.


So the platform still has potential. So that’s how you can get Space of Offline Branding In SEO.

Why Use Offline Branding?

  • A few years back Google used to take only backlinks into consideration. Only backlinks could give you the ranking on internet. But, some people tried to manipulate this algorithm by selling or trading the links. So, Google actually decided to upgrade their algorithm and made it so that the posts having brand searches and backlinks into consideration.
  • With the new Google algorithm backlinks can be considered as violation without enough brand Searches. If your brand has like 100 backlinks but only 10 brand searches Google is going to get that it’s unnatural (I mean Google is really smart). So the basic goal of offline branding is to get enough brand searches for your website. So does this mean links are not useful? No. Of course not. But links are not the only factor which is useful.
  • If your offline branding is impressive enough you are definitely going to give you enough brand searches.
  • One more important thing is your brand logo. You are supposed to have a strong brand logo. So, pay close attention to that.



So, the thing is it’s not completely dependent on online marketing as well as it is not completely dependent on the offline marketing as well. So if you have a particular combination of both your SEO is going to be improved and as well as your website may rank on Google. So this is the Space of Offline Branding In SEO.

Comments (3)

  • Agreed on all levels Vishwajeet. Offline branding works magic. I always travel with my t-shirt and paperbacks to brand myself offline.

  • SEO is an amazing technique to get a boost in traffic of any website. Browsing through your website is learned some new things about SEO. Thanks for sharing an informative article.

  • Hi Vishwajeet,

    Offline branding has brought me many clients. I carry around business cards because many people will ask me “What do you do?” I give a little explanation and hand them the card. I also like to give them an example of what it would be like if they had their business online. Depending on the business, there are so many ways.



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