10 Good Reasons to Make a Corporate Video

All companies of any sector have evaluated, at least once, the idea of creating a promotional video of their reality, their products or services.

But concretely, what are the advantages that can push an entrepreneur to choose to invest time and money in the creation of a video?

10 Good Reasons to Make a Corporate Video

A Video Will Catch You

A video, if done professionally, has the ability to remain impressed for a long time in the mind of the observer. In a few seconds, it is possible to express the message to communicate in an incisive and effective way.

A Video for Everyone

A video is an effective communication tool for any business category. Both a multinational and a small neighborhood shop need to communicate with their customers and the video allows them to generate emotion and engage the customer, stimulating them to relate to their company.

A Video from Trust

Watching an online video of a product or service helps the Customer to have greater confidence in the product and the respective supplier. The video substantially increases the sales results by offering the customer the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of the product or service you offer, responding to your needs.

A Video Expresses Quality

In a world that is becoming more and more virtual, to be able to see with our own eyes the “behind the scenes” of a company considerably increases the perception of quality of a product or service. See where and how it is realized adds value to your image and reassures the user who wants a quality product or service.

With A Video That Lasts Longer

The average time spent on a website is a few seconds, while with a video you can stimulate the user to stay on your site for several minutes. The reason for this is that video has a much more effective and concrete attractiveness than simple words or images. It’s like choosing whether to read a story or have it told through a film.

With A Video You Have an Extra Gear

The video, through the web and social networks, has grown exponentially and has become the driving force of all world communication. Millions of people every day view billions of videos through an online platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. In addition, those who manage these platforms know perfectly the potential and the growing trend of this market. In fact, Facebook, for example, offers a sort of “preferential channel” to those users who publish videos, generating many more views than simple posts.

A Video Presents You

When you put your video on a channel like YouTube, you’re potentially introducing your company to a few billion people around the globe. Just think of the dozens of viral videos that bounce on social networks every day and that collect millions of views from all over the world in a few hours.

A Video Enhances You

Search engines, Streaming Platforms, and Social Networks enhance the video content compared to the textual ones, indexing them in a more performing way. Today a company that has a good website and a corporate animation video uploaded for example on YouTube, will be found more easily on the internet by a user who is looking for the product or service offered by the same. Let us remember that Google has been buying YouTube for some years and that the relevant content of the latter significantly helps improve the SEO of a company.

A Video and Forever

The video has dozens of channels through which it can be conveyed. For example, we can publish our video on YouTube and any video streaming platform. We can upload it to Facebook and any other social network and then share it and share it with our customers generating virality. We can use it at a sector fair or run it on a monitor in a store, showroom or event. We can do advertising campaigns on local or national TV. We can insert it in our emails through video mail marketing.

Video and the Present and the Future

The video is the main tool of today’s communication and will always be more in the future.

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