Set your eyes on stunning Cybersecurity trends to watchout in 2019!

Cybersecurity is definitely the most important element of the global software industry. Cybersecurity practices are just like a perimeter barriers to the doors to your place where your important data is stored or transferred. It is all about the layer of protection which is needed to safeguard the data, information related to your business, your clients, your finances etc. Hence, it is utmost important to make use of the best of cyber security practices to protect your company from any theft of data. With efficient cybersecurity practices, you can ensure reputation protection. As, data won’t be leaked from your system, thus, your business will not have to tolerate any impacts of reputational damage.

Cybersecurity trends

People have started realizing the importance and necessity of cybersecurity. Thus, cybersecurity techniques, programs and practices are in high demand. As per one of the recent reports, Cybersecurity Market is expected to touch the $248.26 billion by the year 2023. Thus, we are surely going to see a lot of innovation and invention in the cybersecurity industry. And, the global software industry will surely be planning to introduce much more powerful cybersecurity programs, solutions, tools etc. for businesses and even for the regular users. In this article, we will talk about a few of the top cybersecurity trends to be expected in 2019.

Major trends too watch out for:

Automation in cybersecurity

Automation is expected in every sphere of world, and cybersecurity is not left behind either. In 2019, we can surely see a lot more automated ways of performing cybersecurity activities. Also, as, automation of data privacy will be on a high, thus, we can definitely see a plenty of new tools handling cybersecurity at a greater speed as well. A lot of manual work might become automated. Additionally, as the networks are growing in size, automation will become a necessity to manage the everyday work order of cybersecurity. Here, the role of Artificial Intelligence is going to be noteworthy!

A plenty of organizations have started introducing various new and interesting cybersecurity management programs which are designed to make most of AI. Though, initially, it might take some time for the adoption of AI and automation to grow heavily, but we will surely see it rising in 2019! As, various market leaders are already building advanced cyber risk detection and analysis programs. Also, several cutting-edge threat intelligence and virtualized security functions are being introduced. All this will surely boost the speed of cybersecurity operations. At the same time, they will also amplify the efficiency of the cybersecurity functions because the speed to detect and address major security concerns would be higher.

Growth of multifactor authentication measures

Multifactor authentication will definitely increase in 2019, as the users have started to realize the importance of safeguarding their personal data. As, cyber attackers are inventing newer ways to steal data, thus, people have to make use of the latest techniques like multifactor authentication in order to protect the confidential information. As per Stacy Stubblefield Co-founder, TeleSign, amplified the collaboration of online business with the mobile network operators is going to increase the rate of adoption. The rapid frequency of SIM swap fraud or porting fraud has given rise to the demand of more powerful cybersecurity measures.

High rise of credential stealing

As a result of more and more targeted phishing campaigns, credential theft is going to be on a high. As, a lot of important details are being transferred to various 3rd parties, hence, credential theft has become easier. Also, as Artificial Intelligence is being used heavily as a next attacking vector, thus the rise in theft of personal details will be rising in 2019. Therefore, in order to protect credential theft, one would need a lot more powerful identity-security techniques. Hence, a plenty of highly advanced cybersecurity tools which are aimed to reduce credential theft will be made accessible to the public.

Cybersecurity is one of the most important things to focus on in 2019. As, the Indian software application development industry will continue to grow in 2019, hence, we would also need much more powerful cybersecurity techniques. Fortunately, the world has realized the importance of cybersecurity, thus, the adoption of cybersecurity measures is going to be higher in the future.

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