How To Identify Signs OF Laptop Battery Failure

Do you face problems with your laptop battery? Then this article is you. Unfortunately, the laptop battery is a part which has to work forever. So, it has a short lifespan. And you can see, in some of the laptop models, the warranty does not cover the battery. Battery failure can occur at any time without any prior notice. And in a similar situation, it will result in the loss of productivity.  You will definitely get some indications if the battery is going to fail. So, it is better to replace the battery as soon as possible. There are some ways by which failure of the battery can be detected.


 1. You Will Get A WARNING

Some laptops with updated features will definitely warn you against the critical capacity of the battery. You will get a red X mark on the battery icon. The message will be sent by Windows telling consider replacing the battery. This is an indication regarding signs of laptop battery failure.

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2. Capacity Declines

Let us assume your battery can withstand for ten hours. But now, it can withstand only four hours. And the decline in the performance of battery may be due to several factors such as age, usage as well as heat. All these factors will result in the decline in the capacity of the battery. The battery will slowly die even if the battery is not used for several months. Do you have a laptop which you do use once a month? Be careful, as the laptop battery may lose its capacity.

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3. Laptop Battery Does Not Get Charged

For checking the capacity of the laptop battery, you can use a third party tool known as battery info viewer. There are also chances, that the laptop battery is low on charge. You connect it to an electrical outlet via a power cord. But the charge does not increase. It is a sure sign of laptop battery failure, as the charge does not remain in the battery.

For a temporary situation, many keep the power cord plugged into the electrical outlet to complete the work. Switch off the laptop after you complete the work. It is time for laptop battery replacement.

4. Sudden Shutdown Might Happen

How does the laptop work? Via the power in the battery. If the main part has failed, then it will result in a complete shutdown. Because the laptop will shut down suddenly, there is a chance of losing the work, if the files are not saved.

5. Over Heating Of the Battery

When do you think that the battery can get overheated? You are working on many software applications, and so more power is needed. The activities, in turn, causes the laptop components to get heated quickly and draw more power. If the battery is already on the path of failure, then it can get heated in a short time.

6. How To Keep Your Laptop Battery In Top Condition

Check your activity. Do you use large applications or graphics card? Then the battery will require more power. Also, check if there is some malware installed on the computer. If so, then the application will be running in the background. They will require power from the battery. Also, computer repair experts advise against storage of large files in the desktop.

Check your laptop model. In times of problems, can you just remove the battery? If so, then it must have a single latch. There are also some laptops, where you require the assistance of a laptop repair expert to remove/replace the battery.

If the battery can be removed easily and is due for replacement, get the perfect brand part. Do not settle for a cheaper brand. It may not be compatible with your laptop.


Right from thousands of years ago, elders have always specified, that a stitch done at the appropriate time will prevent unwanted situations. This proverb applies to every aspect of life. And when it comes to laptop or computers, you need to opt for maintenance service at least once a year. Let us assume, you are in Pune and have a laptop for service. You can download the app of the best doorstep service company which have the best computer repair engineers in Pune on its payrolls. They will come to your home, give the maintenance service and give a perfect service. Your laptop will remain free of errors for a long time if you follow this method.

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  • My older Dell laptop has a weird issue. It sometimes does not recognize the charger at all, and I would have to remove and plug in it 10 or 20 times continuously before it starts working again.

    • Hello Mohan,

      This is a common problem with Dell Laptops. Make sure that your Laptop’s charger is in Good condition. Sometime a faulty charger can create issues and harm your laptop battery. I recommend you to please visit your nearest Dell service Center.



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