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The Impact of Big Data’s Role in Leadership

Leaders are those who stay abreast of the crowd or at least has the potential to identify the factors that will make the most impact. Leaders leverage the situations to their benefit and will try to make the most of the current improvements. Contributing oneself to a lifelong learning experience is what makes a true leader.

Big Datas Role in Leadership

Big data has been a huge part of the current technological development making its impact in every possible industry in the world. It is definitely hard for anyone, especially the leaders, to let big data go unnoticed.

Apart from helping companies develop and grow, big data can also play a crucial role in shaping leadership roles across departments and organizations.

Contributing to The Overall Business Growth

It is a known fact that big data helps in marketing, HR, supply chain, logistics, etc. Apart from all these individual departments that big data plays a pivotal role in, it also has the ability to contribute to the overall business structure, decisions, strategies, etc all of which resides with the leaders of the company.

Decision Making

The decision-making process that leaders use some years back depended a huge deal on gut feeling and intuitions. But when the results of the decisions are hidden somewhere in the huge volumes of data, then it is safe to make an informed decision backed by solid proof.

The evolution of big data has given the leaders an opportunity to think and plan ahead of scenarios at a grand level. While the local data of the company will be mostly enough for the departments to work on, banking on big data for important business decisions will require a lot more data than that. The leaders need to plan on collecting all kinds of data relevant to the company and its industry to know the lay of the land before taking big decisions.

Based on the trends in the industry and within the company, the leaders can take decisions on mergers, acquisitions, customer approach, employee management and any other decision that could potentially change the direction in which the business was headed.

When leaders make proper use of big data, they can stay ahead of their competitors through the patterns and behaviour of the customers and predict the direction the market is going towards. 79% of business leaders agree that companies that do not use big data properly can lose their position in the industry which may even lead to their extinction.

So it is clear that not only big data analytics services helps companies in focus on business growth, it also plays a part in identifying the patterns and trends that could threaten the business.

Innovate New Products and Services

Big data can help leaders giving the base idea for new products and services, increase their revenue and gain perspective into the ideas put forth by the employees. Leaders can gain more knowledge which can be utilized to solve business problems and pave way for innovative ideas. They can accurately decide on introducing new products based on the current market needs and set the tone right for motivating the employees as well as preparing their customers for the launch.

In the services sector, big data can be, in itself, an integral addition while creating the product. The big data can be used in software development, on websites and in online products to give relevant service to their customers.

Career Development

An ideal leader should be someone who can choose that person who is fit to fill in their own shoes once their period is over. Big data can help them to progr ess in their own career and also in choosing the future leaders based on their performance. Leaders aren’t always those who stay at the very top of an organization; there are a lot of leaders who are involved deep in the decision-making process of every move the business makes.

They are the leaders who will grow in the future to lead the entire organization and therefore, the leadership also involves choosing the candidates for the future. With the help of analytics, the trends, their history and their behaviour, the current leaders can decide on who will be the best to lead the organization to further progress.

A good leader should ideally be able to identify quality employees who really make a difference to the business and with big data, it is now simplified. The leaders can make use of the performance factors, the behaviour, the historical data and a lot more to identify those who are worthy of keeping an eye on.

Analysing the data of the employees and identifying the key players in the department will help the company to keep their record straight and high. This can also be used to motivate the employees to work better and contribute to the growth of the company.

A leader should be open to change and take fast decisions on the way as and when needed. By putting big data to proper use, leaders can grow to another level with decisions backed with concrete proof that can take the business to new heights.

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  • Hi Vishwajeet,

    Your article is excellent, and I like the concept of the impact of big data decision making. Today we live in a world where the use of technology has become the norm. And as a result, both the marketplace and the workforce have also adapted to the use of technology to enhance leadership performance and scale your business. Big data helps to streamline data processing as it gives you the right information that will enable you to make the best decision for your business growth.


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