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Why effective and informative Video Marketing Will Make Your Audience Love You?

With the attention span of an average human reducing in time, videos in general have grown in popularity. Today, major chunk of internet traffic is videos and users love them! This change in trend has even affected marketing strategies of businesses. Video marketing is the new marketing strategy that many businesses are embracing and doing so very well.

Video Marketing

However, not all businesses have used video marketing campaigns to its fullest potential. So if you are one of them here are some reasons to think about why you should adopt video marketing and why your audience will love it:

1. Humans Are Hard Wired To Love Videos

Studies show that the human brain can retain visual information better than text or words. Of course, you do not need studies to tell you that since all of us love videos and the reason is we can remember videos better than what we read. So having a video marketing strategy will attract your audience and will help you retain them for a longer time. In addition, you can convey more information to them in a simpler way and keep them engaged.

2. The Right Videos Tell Stories

Who doesn’t love a good story? If you get your video marketing strategy right, then your videos should convey a message to your audience. Your audience will love your videos if they tell them a story that they can relate to.

  • Use characters or scenarios that are similar to them or what they experience in everyday life. Design your characters in the video with the same age or clothing of your audience. This emotional connect will ensure brand loyalty in the future.
  • Focus on how your services will help them and not the other way round. Doing so in an effective video will show that you care about your audience. Videos should create an experience for the customer rather than only passing of information.

3.Enhance Trust with The Right Colors and Voice

As discussed earlier, touching the emotions of your audience is the key to an effective video marketing campaign.

  • This can be done by effective story-telling and for that you need an effective voice. For this purpose, you can definitely hire a professional video marketing expert who can describe the products and the return on investment, thus creating a positive feedback for the video.
  • The voice that you will use in the video is effectively the voice of your brand, the voice they can rely on. It needs to be conversational and enthusiastic so that the right vibe is portrayed and your audience can trust your brand.
  • Videos are a great way to portray your style and personality as well. The way the video is structured, the colors used and the experience that your audience has when viewing it will go a long way in building trust with them.
  •  A professional video artist goes a long way in connecting psychologically with the customers, and also creating a positive impact in the field of sales and marketing of your product or services.

4.Mobile & Social Media Friendly

Most consumers today are connected to the internet over their mobile devices and especially on social media. Videos are an effective way to get to them since they are mobile friendly and can easily be shared on social media platforms.

These are some of the advantages of video marketing and why your audience will love them. So if you haven’t started with video marketing yet, now is the time to do so and see your sales rise rapidly!

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