Incredible Advancements in the Gaming Technology

Gaming technology advances every year so does its great prospects in the coming future! People are gaming enthusiasts and consider it the best thing for time pass. How about let’s take a few moments out of our life to praise its development to perfection.

Top advances in gaming and technology over the past 5 years

Gaming Technology

Gesture Control

When hands can work as great tools in our daily lives then why not use them as a tool for gaming? Gesture control technology is one such thing that needs these human tools known as hands to control the characters. The gaming technology uses motion sensors and cameras to detect the movement made by your hands and transmit it to the game. This kind of gaming equipment is used to play shooting and sporty games.

HD Graphics

There was once a time when 8-bit graphics of the games was the thing in demand and appreciated for its superb visuals? Now, with 4K (4000 pixels, wow!) games give us real-time experience. Now the cutting-edge advancements give the gamers a world of photo realistic textures, higher image quality and increases the playability.

Facial Recognition

The facial and voice recognition feature in the gaming world has seen a great boom in the gaming world. 3D scanning technology helps to create a character of its own that just looks like the face of the player, and the voice recognition feature makes the character sound exactly like you.

Facial recognition allows your character to portray the same emotions that you might be feeling at the time of playing a game. The facial recognition power of the technology uses 78 different facial points of a person to imitate the exact emotions on the screen.

Virtual Reality

It is smartly and gradually creeping its way into the gaming industry and if you can immerse yourself into a game now then you must be aware of the VR headset that comes along to experience the enthralling beauty of the games. So, have you started playing games, the VR way!

Augmented Reality

If virtual reality did not impress you much, then how about trying this technology that is so fine that it sounds something of a generation ahead? Now, you don’t have to stay confined to your computer or television as with augmented reality maneuver spaces of the real world to make objects applicable for real life situations.

For example; you can play hockey on the counter of your kitchen, standing at any angle and partake puzzles in the playground.

Wearable Gaming

Wearable games are totally in now! You can play your favorite games sitting anywhere and using the latest technology. Wearables are the gaming consoles of the body. Wearable gaming comes in the form of smart watches and glasses.

Mobile Gaming

For the love of hardcore gamers, mobile technology now gives ease and love for playing the favorite games on the mobile phones. Now, the gaming experience has come out of the arcade and come in your living room and put in the palm of your hands. Mobile technology has spread beyond hardcore console-consumers and online gamers.

Computer Gaming

Now you get to play awesome games on your computer with superb graphics and that too totally free of cost. All the games are accessible and super fun and easy to play! Computer games like raft wars, dad n me, territory war, super Mario flash, skull kid etc. have superb graphics and can be played on computer, totally free of cost.

Cloud Gaming

Unlike older games that required more powerful systems and hardware to run them nowadays, developers are working more and more on the lightening the load of the system by bringing in the system of cloud gaming. Games no longer need the great amount of memory of discs and consoles to run. Now, with the cloud technology supports the massive size of the pictures with the help of the internet and huge storage capacity of the servers. With the cloud system gaming technology has been experiencing evolution and changes in the various sectors similarly the use of these technologies is increasing in the other sectors too.

Voice Recognition

If you are the millennial who finds it too difficult to pick up the controller then voice recognition is the thing for you. The voice-controlled gaming system easily recognizes voice commands given by the user and then understands and interprets it. Now, with the help of the voice recognition system you can turn the console on and off and use the technology to control the gameplay. You can also select the games from the media library by just giving demands, browse the web and taking to the gaming system.

Evolved AI

Artificial intelligence has evolved magnificently over the last few decades. And it has enriched the gaming experience by providing us single player and multiplayer options. Now with the advancement in artificial intelligence almost near-human characteristics are developing which are more intelligent than ever. Now, for example bots can imitate the real-world tactics and resort to real world tactics in the combat games. Evolved AI takes the difficulty of the games to a higher level and with this better innovation are taking place.

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