Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence has moved from the big wide screens from films such as Terminator. It has, in fact, moved into our daily life. AI has been a success with improvements in various fields such as mechanical engineering, agriculture and many more. Even healthcare, which stayed a little far away from the digital revolution has embraced AI in tasks that involved low level manual labour.

In this article, let us discuss on the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Education sector. Just imagine the years a three decades ago in India. There were less computers, or smart devices to gain content for study material. The internet came and the knowledge revolution happened.
Now, we use AI tools such as Siri and Alexa from Amazon for giving commands. AI in education is still in the initial stages. But AI experts term that this industry will make rapid improvements in the education sector in the forthcoming years, 2019 to 2020.

Now, with your permission, shall we take a broad step into some roles where AI can get implemented?

1. Automation of Grading

 school grades

Just for a moment, think as to the major tasks, teachers do in the classroom. They have to check essays, correct mathematics and the most important is giving grades. When AI gets implemented in the education sector, the first major assistance it can do is giving grades. It can look into different choices and then make the grading. Recent AI and machine learning can do the self learning part, and in the future, it can do more than individual assessment.

It can also give apt responses to students which take away most of a teacher’s time. A special design of AI tools can actually check the essay lines word by word and then give the evaluation. But the process is still in the initial stages. Teachers can reduce the time spent on these menial mandatory tasks and give more attention to students.

2. Support Teachers

The best way, where AI can support teachers is answering student’s questions. The simple level of responses can be completed by the AI tool. And the students may not even know that a chat box is answering the queries when it comes to virtual learning.

3. Support Students


Imagine if you have a teacher for life. In the future, every student may get an AI as a learning companion. This AI tool will have every detail such as personal history, weaknesses and strengths.

4. Meet Needs of Special Students

special student

Not all students are equal. We mean, there are some students who face problems in learning. AI can be modified to design study materials suitable for these students. And the good news is these special students are learning quickly by the AI tools.

5. Teachers will play a different role


The role of a teacher will change in the future. It will be more of a facilitator than a teacher. The tutor needs to check in random if the AI tool is working in proper order.

6. Provide Personalized Help

personal help

There are some students who may need additional coaching outside the classroom. And in these tasks, teachers waste most of their time. An AI tool can give personalized tutoring for these types of students.

7. Identify Weakness

AI can be best used for identifying individual weaknesses. Let us say, in an assessment, some students miss questions. Then the AI can take a note, and send an alert to the teacher to re-teach the lessons. The end result – AI can strengthen teaching practices.

8. Smart Content

How do students learn? By reading content. In the future, it is digital robots which will create content without grammatical mistakes. AI can also create interfaces that will appeal to the public, regardless of age.

The content material can be broken into an easy study guide for special students by AI. And yes, the creation involves multiple forms such as flashcards, practice tests, chapter summaries, videos, audios and many more. There are chances, that the AI will take the place of an online assistant. In Virtual learning, the AI format can happen.

9. Smart Tutors

What do you do if you cannot find a solution? In recent times, you go to the relevant forum and post the question. The experts in the forum will answer. And if a student finds difficulty in learning a specific topic, he can logon or ask the AI to give them the instructions to understand the topic. The AI platform is still in its nascent stages, but in the future, they will have special design to adapt to any learning style and format. This will help in giving personalized attention to every student.

10. Virtual Lecturers

virtual lecturers

Working professionals proceed in their career by taking virtual online classes. Do you know that international training organizations use chatbots and AI tools to give training classes? They have special design software to respond to customer queries, using non verbal and verbal cues.


AI will not replace teachers. But they will play a new role in the future, and that includes taking care of AI tools. Yes, the students will also learn in a different method.

Have all the changes mentioned in the article happening in any part of the world? Yes, educational institutions in the US and the globe make the student work easy. And the AI tools do not take leaves, do not fall ill and does not demand a salary hike. All it needs is proper service and maintenance.
Let us imagine a situation. You are an entrepreneur. You have invested in a company which provides home services in Hyderabad. They specialize in doorstep pick-up and delivery laundry services in Hyderabad. You also have an education training institute which imparts virtual classes. Now, the classes happen 24/7 and you have implemented AI in to the response section. If a student wants to opt for training, the AI chat bot can respond effectively. In case of more questions, it will ask you to send a mail. You do not miss out a customer. In the future, who knows? We may have robots for teaching in the educational institutions.

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