Six Secrets to Success of the Website

Most people do not understand the reasons some websites fail to make an impact online. There are a number of reasons they do. Luckily, you can do a lot to avoid failures. You need to know 5 things before you start off with a website design process:


1. Know your Goal

Do you know what you want your website to do? Although this sounds quite obvious, most businesses start without having a crystal clear idea of what they actually wish to achieve. They have vague notions of promoting their products and services to clients. This is not enough. You should jot down clearly what you wish your website to do. For instance, you can jot down if you would like your site to generate leads, make sales online, increase customer loyalty, enhance brand credibility, etc. Knowing your goals will make it easier for you to decide on content to place on the website.

2. Understand your Audience

Knowing customers is very important. Take out some time and identify varied different types of visitor, their age, career, industry, and goals. This will help you to design a website to ensure success. Keep a record of who will be visiting your website, what they want, and ways you can help them to find info easily. Discussing the same with your team of website designers will help them create a site that specifically caters to your audience.

3. Prepare an Online Strategy

You need to prepare a strategy that caters to the goal of your website, appeals your target audience, keeps you ahead of the competition, and much more. Work with your web designer closely to create this strategy.

4. Things to Measure

Most companies fail to make the most of their analytics. This is simply because they haven’t worked on their website’s goals earlier. Without understanding what you would require measuring, you may end up reporting on certain vanity metrics such as ‘bounce rates’, ‘page hits’ etc. however, these are merely stats, not insights.

It is important that your website measurements report on its goals. This, in turn, needs to be your business goals. If you want your website to generate leads, then the analytics of that website should reportability of your pages to generate leads. You must know exactly which page is converting the maximum number of visitors into leads, pages that have caused them to leave, and traffic source that ends up with a maximum number of visitors getting in touch with you.

When you keep your reporting focused on the goals of the website, you are always on tabs with things that need improvement. This is how you would get hold of things that ruin user experience when they visit your website.

5. Consistent Improvement

Most business owners tend to neglect this. Web design will provide results only when you keep close track of it. You need to constantly improve it. Hiring a website designing team that offers after sales services will help you achieve great results. Future improvements are very crucial. Technology keeps changing and you need to change your website accordingly. Buy a package that promises to upgrade your website and edit it as required. Regular optimization for the search engine is also crucial.

6. How to Achieve the Goal?

Now the question is how you would get the entire thing done? First and foremost, you need to have a web partner. Choose one who is experienced and highly skilled to handle your website planning, designing and developing a website. So research online and get in touch with the best web designer who would guide you well.


The success of the website depends on varied factors. Right from understanding the goal of a site to its target audience and choosing an experienced professional to create a website, it is crucial to take all of these factors into consideration.

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  • Knowing your audience makes it so much easier to succeed buddy. I doubled down in that department a while back, only publishing posts if said posts solved reader problems. Now I listen as closely as possible to my readers and also check out Quora for tons of blogging problems, to answer via my posts.

  • Hi Vishwajeet,

    Knowing your goal is what hits me today. I am creating another business whereby I need to know exactly who I’m going to target. It has taken quite some time researching this particular audience of businesses. But now I’m in the middle of moving to my own step two which is building another website to fulfill their needs. I’ve invested time and money on this and know it will work out when it is unveiled.

    Thanks for all the tips!


  • Those are some of the most awesome rules I have ever read. I would surely try to copy some of them and implement in my work as well.
    Focus is the thing that I should work on and getting to know like minded people would also help.
    Thanks for giving this article


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