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How to Track Android with Android Keylogger Application

Keylogger software enables the user to track strokes applied to the keyboard with an aim to monitor the actions of the object. There are scores of Keylogger applications rightly available in the online market enabling employers to supervise the activities of their workers. We have reviewed here the top-notch Android Keylogger application TheOneSpy. It is a cross platform app that is particularly intended for parents and employers for legitimate monitoring of cell phone devices of children and workers. This article discusses the keystroke logging feature of the monitoring software and also highlights the compatible devices and operating systems.


TheOneSpy Keylogger Software

TheOneSpy is basically a cell phone monitoring app that enables parents and employers to supervise the digital behavior of their children and employees. Parents can monitor the online behavior of their teens and tweens with the monitoring and parental control software and protect them from cyber bullies, online child molesters, cat-fishers, scammers and hackers. On the other hand, the employers can monitor and boost productivity of their workers by supervising their online and offline activities with monitoring software.

Once you install the surveillance software on the cell phones of your kids and workers, you can remotely and secretly supervise their activities performed on the monitored devices. The spy app lets you monitor and manage the cell phones of your kids and employees via online portal of the spyware software. You can log into the online portal of the spy app via any mobile phone or computer device after providing the confidential credentials.

Features of TheOneSpy Keylogger App for Android

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The cell phone spyware app offers a wide range of features enabling users to remotely monitor and control the targeted smartphones. Among hundreds of spying features, keystroke logging is the one. The end-user of the surveillance app can get access to passwords, usernames, email addresses and other confidential information entered on the monitored Android device. The spy app automatically records keys struck to the on-screen keyboard of the monitored cell phone. Parents and employers can get access to these keylogs via online spy app account. You can know more about the cell phone monitoring software from the official website of TheOneSpy.

How does Keystroke Logging Help?

Keystroke logging facilitates users in many ways. For example, parents can get credentials of the social media accounts of their children. It helps them stay updated about every single social media activity and communication of their kids. As well as social media, they can also monitor other online and email accounts of their kids and figure out if there kids are involved in any wrongdoing.

Similarly, the entrepreneurs can closely watch out the activities of their unproductive and displeased workers. The activities of social media managers can be monitored by getting access to their online chats with current and potential customers. The email accounts of senior staff can be closely watched out to ensure they do not leak any confidential information to unauthorized persons. In short, the monitoring of online accounts and activities of workers enables businesses to protect their company from suffering a huge data or monetary loss.

Is Use of Keylogger Software Legal?

The use of Keylogger software and other employee monitoring software is debatable. While employers are in favor of these applications, the employees are against the use of such monitoring software that enables employers to invade their workers’ privacy. However, it must keep in mind before using the Keylogger and other monitoring software that how far is so far.

The employers should not track the personal information of the workers as well as personal mobile phone devices, email accounts and social media accounts. The employees must be informed about the use of Keylogger software on the devices they use and which are owned by the company. The employees must keep in mind that they should not use company owned devices for personal purposes. It would help them keep their private matters private.

Compatible Devices of Keylogger Software

The Android monitoring software of TheOneSpy is compatible with Android mobile phones and tablets running Android OS versions 5 to 8.1. The supported mobile phone brands include Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, HTC and many other Android brands.

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  • Interesting Angela. I can see why the software has legal debates attached to it. But also, why it could help with security too for private applications.

    • Well!!! Ryan legal debates are necessary, because you are getting keystrokes applied on the target device. So, when it comes to the use of keylogger tool, make sure to use it for legal activities rather then just breaching someone’s privacy. Sorry, i could not understand the second part of your question, please come again.


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