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How to Know that your Email account has been Hacked?

Digital World helps to get connected with all of the World. We are living in such a technology-driven world that we can communicate with each other using emails. It is one of the best and shortest means of communication. But there are so many complications are still out there. Sometimes, you even don’t know that when your email has been hacked under your nose and hackers are stealing your confidential data.

Early in 2019, A New has been spread all over the internet that 700 millions of email address are hacked all over the world. This a big data breach in recorded history. Who’s know your email id is also compromised?

In this post, we are going to tell you everything on how to know that the email account has been hacked and the tips to overcome it.

How to know that your email has been hacked?

There is various reason for which your email id might be hacked by the hackers. In this case,  A site called haveibeenpwned.com might help you to know if your email address has been compromised.  Simply visit the site and on their home page, you will find a search box where you have to insert your email address to know whether it is hacked or not?

Have I Been Pwned

If it shows that you have been pwned in red color that means hackers have to sneak to your email account.  So, for this, you have to do necessary steps which we will discuss later on this post. If everything goes fine, it will show you not pwned message in green color. Which means your email address has not been hacked.

How to recover your email Id?

Now you have to know that your email address has been compromised. So, now you have to take a few steps to recover your email id and take some necessary security steps. Remember, If you are able to login to your account does not mean that your email id has not been hacked.

In today’s technology-driven world, Hackers can steal your account passwords easily and sneak to your email account, without letting you know.

Let’s check out some steps to recover your email address:

1. Change your email password.

The very first step is to change your email password immediately.  Keep your password secure and use the combination of uppercase, special characters, and numbers in your password. Do change your password at regular interval.

2. Enable 2 Factor Authentication.

In today’s digital world, enabling the 2-factor authentication is very important as it will keep your account more secure.  Just add your active mobile number and enable it. After that, whenever, you are logging to your account, You will receive a verification code to complete the login process.

3. Log out from any other active session.

You can do it in simple ways. Login to your Gmail account, Scroll down to the page. At the bottom of the page, you will see the option “Last account activity” Just click that link.

Gmail Footer

A dialog box will open up and shows you the activity of your account. At the top, you will find an option “Sign Out of All other Gmail web sessions” just click that and you are logged out of all other active sessions. Don’t worry it won’t log out you.

Gmail Login Activity

4. Remove unused app.

You can remove the untrusted app which has been linked to your email account. Just open the My account tab of your email. Under the “Security Tab, ” you will find all the apps connected to your email account. Just remove the access of these apps which are untrusted.

These are some of the steps you can do to secure your email account.  Now, we are talking about some preventive steps to ensure that our email address will secure in the feature.

How to prevent your email from being hacked in future?

To Make sure that your email address will be secure, you can do some precautionary steps to secure your email account.  Let’s check them out.

1. Do not Join Untrusted sites

Never join spammy and untrusted sites. Always check that the site is using https encryption. The site you join or share your email address is trustworthy. Please read the correspondent site’s privacy policy before joining them or subscribing their email newsletter.

2. Never use Email sign-in option

Most of us sign in the sites using our Google account. It is a very quick process but sometimes it can create issues for you. It’s a security breach. Sign in to the untrusted website is very risky.

3. Never add untrusted App

Never connect your email id to untrusted Apps.  This is a big issue behind the data breach. You have to ensure that your email id is safe and never link your email id with these apps.

4. Don’t use public Wifi to log in to your email.

People often use Public wifi to surf the internet and log in to their email account. This is very risky. Publick Wifi’s are not secure and hackers can easily steal your login data. You can use a trusted VPN to Secure your information while using Public Wifi.

5. Keep your PC  and Phone free from Malware

Always use trusted Security software to protect your PC. Use Malwarebytes to scan your PC or Laptop for potential threats and malware. Most of the breach has been done through our infected system. Regularly scan your PC or phone.

Don’t use Bluetooth in public places when you are using your phone to access your accounts. Connect your phone to Bluetooth with a person you trust.


These are some of the steps to keep your email account safe. In this digital world, email account plays a great role to store our online information. So, it’s our duty to keep our data safe. I hope you have found this post informative. If you like it please share it on your social networks. If you have questions, feel free to share it with us in comment sections.

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