Top 5 Disk Storage Analyzer Software for Windows

The best disk storage analyzer & cleaner tools work efficiently to help you analyze files that are occupying valuable disk space and helps you clean them. While there are a number of these tools available, here we have discussed top 5 disk storage analyzer software for Windows to help you clean disk space.

DiskAnalyzer Pro

DiskAnalyzer Pro helps you free-up valuable disk space and organize files on your Windows computer. Using this powerful tool of storage analyzer , you can easily manage your disk space prudently while boosting your system performance. It displays usage statistics in a detailed report in terms of file size, file count, file ownership, file type, percentage, and other attributes. Here, you can drill down scan results to find which files are using up the valuable disk space. It allows you to search unneeded files with your own search criteria.

You can use this smart solution to find & delete all types of junk files on your system to recover valuable disk space. Using this tool, you can locate the biggest folders and oldest files easily on your PC. It also works as a duplicate image remover tools and helps you find & delete unwanted videos and compressed files. Furthermore, it allows you to export disk space reports to external file formats to help you analyze it well.  Must use this disk storage analyzer software

TreeSize Free

TreeSize works as another storage analyzer software tools to help you analyze & recover disk space in an effortless manner. It offers easy treemap charts to help you visualize disk space usage. Under the column view, it offers more in-depth information. It allows you to apply multiple filters to break down information and scan & clean disk space in a better way. You can also use this disk storage analyzer tool to scan mobile devices connected to your system. You can use this tool to scan network drives and locally synchronized cloud shares.

Furthermore, you can view the NTFS compression rate in an easy manner and instantly apply NTFS compression to directory branches. It directly works on MFT and delivers accurate results with high speed. You can use its portable version to use it on multiple devices. This lightweight app occupies very little device resources while offering best results instantly. You can use its intuitive touch interface on touchscreen devices including Windows 8 and higher. It also allows you to print your scan results.

treesize free


Try this effective hard disk space analyzer tool to analyze disk space, NAS devices, network shares, enterprise storage systems, directories, and more. It offers numerous file classification and disk usage analysis capabilities to help you understand thoroughly how disk space is used. It generates multiple pie charts, offers disk space usage history, storage analyzer , saves disk space usage reports, and do multiple other tasks effortlessly.

Its built-in classification capabilities allow you to categorize and classify files using multiple file classification plug-ins. These plug-ins are capable of analyzing over 3,000 types of files and display drive usage as per different attributes including file extension, file type & category, file creation date, file name, last access time, last modification, and more. It allows users to perform numerous file management operations based on file categories, disk space analysis results and specific types of files.

disk savvy


Use this disk space management and a cleanup tool to analyze and recover a lot of disk space on various Windows versions. It performs deep scanning of your system storage where it reads the complete system directory tree to present it in three different useful views including directory list, the treemap, and the extension list.

Under directory list view, you will be able to see a tree view of the Windows Explorer that is sorted by file & subtree size. Under the treemap view, it displays the whole content of the directory tree straight away. The extension list view helps you view statistics about the file types in an effortless manner. This powerful tool is compatible with all Windows versions and also available for Linux and MacOS X.



FolderSizes works as an effective disk space analyser tool that helps you manage disk space usage in a seamless manner. You can use this tool to analyze any type of storage device that could be accessible to the host computer, network shares, network attached storage, local disks, disk space management , mapped drives, and more. This simple yet most powerful disk storage analyzer tool offers a wealth of information and detail that is unparalleled. Its multi-threaded file system analysis engine offers instant & excellent results and scalability.

Its interactive column-based comprehensive report helps you view deep insights into allocated disk space. It offers folder size visualization where you can visualize the distribution of objects across your file system/s as the scan progresses. In other features, it offers file reports, disk reports, disk storage analyzer reports, search option, scan filtering, export report data option, powerful NTFS support, customization support, multiple file operations, reload & compare option, trend analyzer, scheduler, email integration, command line support, and more.

folder sizes


So, these are few best disk storage analyzer software for Windows you can use to analyze and clean disk space in a jiffy. If you know about  more such tools, then feel free to comment below.

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