How to choose a right web hosting company

Web hosting is a fundamental building blocks of any online business. A Good Web Hosting company provides you reliable customer support along with good network up time. There are plenty of web hosting companies are out there, But finding a reliable one is very tough job for webmasters especially for the new comers.


In this post, I am going to show you some basic steps that help you find and choose a right web hosting companies. So, Let’s get started:

Never Go for an Unlimited Web Hosting

There is nothing unlimited in web hosting world. It is merely a marketing gimmick from the web hosting companies to lure the customers. If you see a web hosting company provides you unlimited disk space and bandwidth then they must have some limitations. If you cross that limit, they will charge you for overages or your website will be offline.

Can you ever imagine that when you buy a PC or even buy a hard drives does it come with unlimited disk space? You certainly never bought any hard drive or PC with unlimited disk storage. Same thing applies to web hosting as well.

Make your requirements first.

Before you move to buy a web hosting make sure you have prepared and fully understand the requirements for your website. This is very important to buy a suitable web hosting plan for your website. For example, if you simply just starting a website from scratch then you should buy a hosting with minimum of 10GB Disk Space and 100GB Bandwidth. This will help you to create and grow your blog without any hassle. However, You can always upgrade your plan as per your requirements. For larger website, VPS will be an ideal choice.

Requirement for a website varies as per the website requirement. Understanding your website requirements help you find and choose a reliable web hosting plan.

Determine your Budget.

You have to determine your budget as this will help you find a good web hosting in a certain pricing range. It will keep your search more focused. Your budget depends on your website disk and other resources requirements. Let’s say you opt for a 10GB disk Space and 100GB Bandwidth Plan. It will cost you from $3.95 to $7.95 depends on the hosting company.

If you are looking for a VPS or Managed hosting services then the price should be varied from $30 per month to $150 Per month. So, keep your budget as per your requirements.

Sorting out the Web hosting Companies.

After determining your website requirements and budget, you can start sorting out the web hosting companies. You can take help of the Google search. Make a list of the web hosting companies that fits to your requirements and budget. This will keep things quick and easy.

Check The reviews Online.

Before you select a web hosting company, you have to make a detailed researched about them online. You can search about them in Google and check the reviews about them in various site. Just keep in mind that many reviewing sites are getting compensate from the web hosting providers to write a biased review about them. So, don’t get in the trap. You can use Webhostingtalk forum to check some genuine and authentic reviews about a web hosting company.

You can also take help from your friends to find more about that particular web hosting company.

Customer Support is Important!

Customer Support is very important when you choose a web hosting. A Hosting company with poor customer support can be disastrous for you. A poor customer support cannot be able to solve your queries and problems in timely manner. So, It is very important to choose a web hosting company with good customer support services.

Buy Monthly Hosting package.

I highly recommend webmasters and bloggers to sign up with monthly hosting package. This will help you to understand how the hosting company performs as per your expectations. If everything goes fine, you can opt for yearly plan. However, Today most of the hosting companies are offering yearly, biennially, and trinually options. But you must go with at least yearly option.


Your online business depends on your website and your website needs a good hosting environment. These are some steps that helps you find out an ideal web hosting company that suits your requirement and also make sure that your website is always available online. We hope you find this post helpful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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