Free Vs Paid Web Hosting

Web hosting world is very vast. Every day a new web hosting company launched in the online world. You will get both paid and free web hosting companies. But the most important question is which hosting is a better choice for you. Paid or free.   This is a very well debated topic and you have heard it off many times.

Free Vs Paid Hosting

In this article, I am going to show you the reasons why you choose paid web hosting?  I will elaborate everything about Free vs Paid Web hosting. So, let’s get started

Free Web Hosting

If you search for free web hosting in Google, you will find many of them. Free web hosting doesn’t cost you a single penny. You will get your hosting account by filling the registration form.  So, most of the users attracted towards the free hosting. There are some pros and cons of using a free web hosting.


  • Free to register. Does not cost you.
  • Better for experiment purpose.


  • Poor quality of web server.
  • Limited server resources.
  • No security of your hosting account and your website data.
  • Frequent network downtime’s.
  • No Support for the hosting
  • Put Advertisements on your site.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Not for serious businesses.

Above are some pros and cons of using a free web hosting. Free web hosting is good for experiment purpose.  For example, if your novice in WordPress then you can use free web hosting to learn more about the WordPress and how its work. So it will help you to learn the things before you fully get started.

Free web hosting comes with limited server resources. There is no guarantee that your data is safe with free web hosting. Most of the free web hosting sites are disappear overnight.

The major drawback is that free web hosting can put advertisements to your site without your consent and earn money from your site traffic. This is really very disappointing.

Paid Web Hosting

Paid web hosting sites are paid services. You have to buy web space in order to start your website. There are plenty of reasons for choosing the paid web hosting company. Some of them are as follows:

  • Adequate server resources.
  • High-quality servers.
  • 100% network up-time.
  • Completely ad free.
  • Good to start your online business.
  • Free customer support.
  • Security of your website.

Paid web hosting services provide you quality and redundant servers which will keep your website always online. If you are serious about starting your own online business then you must have to go with paid web hosting services.

In paid web hosting service your data is secure. Most of the web hosting companies provide free data backup services. But in my opinion, you have to make a backup of your data for security purpose.

Paid web hosting services are completely ad-free and they don’t put any kind of advertisements to your website.  You have the full control of your website.  If you face any issues with your hosting account, they will give you full support without any cost.


Well if you want to start your own online business and want to establish yourself online then you have to go for a paid web hosting services. There is no reason that you ignore paid web hosting services. I hope you will enjoy this article and find it helpful.

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