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WhatsApp Spy App with GPS Location Tracker – TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is a cell phone tracking application that is particularly intended for parents and employers to supervise the mobile phone use of their children and employees. The app is compatible with Android and iOS based mobile phones and supports various versions of both popular operating systems. The tracking app comes preloaded with innumerable features letting the end-user to monitor and control the targeted cell phone.

WhatsApp Spy App with GPS Location Tracker

Once you install the spyware software on the mobile phone of your target, you can track and manage that cell phone via the online portal of the spy app. This article discusses two of the most innovative features of the cell phone spy app that include WhatsApp monitoring and GPS location tracking. Read on to know how these features benefit parents and employers in looking after their concerned individuals and groups.

WhatsApp Spy App

WhatsApp is currently the most popular instant messaging app which allows users to exchange text messages, voice messages, photos, videos, GPS location, document files and much more. The instant messenger also lets you make voice and video call using the internet connection. It is very convenient to create an account on WhatsApp. The user only needs to have a smartphone and internet access. The messenger requires an authentic mobile phone number to verify your WhatsApp account. After activation, you can communicate with the people across the world using the internet connection.

However, there are certain risks associated with the unmonitored use of WhatsApp messenger. The teenagers can become a victim of cyber bullying, child molestation, sexting, and pornography if their use of instant messenger remains unmonitored. Similarly, the employers are needed to monitor WhatsApp use of their workers to make sure their conversations do not contain bullying or objectionable stuff related to the sensitive company information.

TheOneSpy enables parents and employers to monitor WhatsApp activities of their children and workers. You can get access to their WhatsApp chats to make sure they are not involved in unproductive and malicious tasks. The WhatsApp spy app lets you track incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages, photos and videos. The monitored conversations include one-on-one and group chats.

Once you install the spy software on the cell phone devices of your workers or children, the app gets access to the data stored on that device and uploads to the online spy account. This data includes messages, call logs, contacts, and data relevant to instant messaging and social media apps including WhatsApp messenger. The end-user of the spy app can log into the online spy account and monitor WhatsApp messages, call logs, contacts and media files. The on-demand screenshots of TheOneSpy let you capture every activity performed on the instant messenger with the help of screenshots.

GPS Location Tracker

The cell phone spy app acts as GPS location tracker to let you locate whereabouts of your children and traveling workers. The spy app keeps you updated about the location of your target. By logging into the spy app online account, you can see the current GPS location of your target and also see the location history to know about the earlier locations. The GPS location tracking feature of TheOneSpy enables parents to stay updated about their kids’ locations remaining anywhere in the world. They can track their children from home to school and school to home or play areas.

The employers can take advantage of the location tracker to locate their traveling workers. The carrier and transporter companies are required to stay aware of their traveling worker’s location to prevent him from getting involved in unproductive tasks. You can know if the worker is on the assigned route or not and how much time is required to reach the destination.

TheOneSpy also offers geo-fencing to enable the end-user to mark different locations. The spy app notifies the end-user when the target enters or leaves the marked location. For example, parents can mark school and play area of their children to stay updated about their arrival and departure from those locations. The employers can mark locations of receiving and disseminating consignments. It will notify them when the worker receives consignment and when he drops that consignment to the designation.

Except GPS location tracking and WhatsApp monitoring, TheOneSpy Android and iOS monitoring app offers numerous other features to enable the end-user to monitor and manage almost every activity performed on and in the surroundings of the targeted cell phone.

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