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How to write Tittle to increase CTR and rank on Top

Did you also facing the problem of low traffic, you are ranking higher but still not getting as much traffic as you think. If yes then you at the right place today we discuss how to write tittle to increase CTR.

High CTR

Tittle Is the bridge joining google search result with your blog search result, as the title is the first thing anyone sees when searching on google or find your post on the social handle.

Have you thought why?

Let us first know what tittle is?

Tittle is the HTML markup which tells the speck of a web page, found in two places one is in the google search, and other is the top position of your blog post followed by a meta tag.

What if I say increase your click-through rate (CTR) double your traffic and improve your Google ranking.

The familiar quote in SEO is higher the ctr higher is the ranking in google as it sends the signal to Google that this webpage is more relevant and we should rank higher.

As Google loves what user love so always try to provide good user experience & boom high ranking.

For example, Google first page has ten search result, Which one you click when you search anything basically which is eye-catching relevant and applying.

Think if everyone clicks on three searches more than 1&2 what signal google to get that three search result is more relevant rank it higher.

So how to write a title for a blog post

Important points you have a look when you are going to write Tittle for your blog post

  1.    Make it mysterious, Eye-catching but not click bate ( Click bate mean title says something & blog post something.)
  2.    Make you tittle around 60 characters as more than this google cut off from the search result. ( Use Yoast plugin for search preview)
  3.    Always write Tittle as Sentence not make all capital or small as ( HOW TO WRITE A TITTLE TAGE –TEH4UONLINE) which look odd. Write as (How to write a title tag)
  4.    Tittle which contains some suspense like (7 best ways to increase your traffic number 4 will shake you)
  5.    Always write a title that tells what your blog post is all about.
  6.    Use the name in your Tittle which increases ctr probability by 50 %.
  7.    Always update with fresh data & Adding year, in the end, makes look latest which increase ctr. (example Best SEO tips 2018)

Now move on to the keyword

When you write Tittle always include your Keyword, everyone does this right, but the point is still used long tail keywords use Modifier.

The modifier is the words which are used before or after the main keyword some are,






Much more like this

Let us take a keyword local SEO marketing instead of this how it looks if I write like this

7 Winning local SEO marketing tips or Five best ways to increase organic traffic

Golden advice for you when you write any title you now know all suggestions & every one tries this, so whats make unique it’s your content.

Look your article see your article is in-depth,step by step tips, key points, freshness, guide, review and modify your title according to your blog post.

Ok now you know how to write a mindblowing title for your blog post, but this only works when you are in google first page because 90% of the traffic is shared by first-page search results to find out the page which is ranking in top 10 and work on that.

Now the question of how you find which page is ranking in the top 10 and for which keyword use google webmaster tool.

Navigate to performance,  short by, and you find a bunch of keywords for which you are ranking now select that page which is ranking in the top 10 & CTR is below 5%.

Here you find the keyword, the URL of a blog post now you can proceed to rock on.


Tittle of your blog post can double your search traffic so why not optimize it for more CTR, which result in higher google traffic and increase your conversion.

Hope you like this article, if you find any problem comment below share it with your friends.

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